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From Natasha St. Michael, Certified Holistic Health Counsellor

I specialize in a unique form of coaching that fuses diet coaching with life coaching. You can’t do one without the other. Getting healthy and reaching your goals isn’t only about diet and following the rules (if it was that easy, no one would have weight or diet-related health issues, right?!). If you really want to start eating healthier, lose weight, reverse the health conditions in your way, and become the best version of yourself – coaching with me will get you there, and more!

As your coach, I will work with you on your diet and food choices, outlining what are the best foods you should be eating, how much, and together we’ll create a doable eating plan that will get you the results you want. Along with working on your diet, we’ll also discuss your lifestyle including your fitness routine, how you manage stress, what your daily habits are (and how they support or sabotage your success), how to strengthen your self-esteem and confidence, your ability to set goals and stick to them, and anything else you want to work on, or that might be standing in your way to success.

You can choose between having just one coaching session, or purchase a package of four, six, or twelve coaching sessions where we’ll be speaking regularly, once every week or two.

If you purchase 1 Coaching Session, we’ll use that session as a “60 minute power session” to go over your existing diet and come up with as many ideas and guidelines as possible to improve upon your diet and food choices. We’ll discuss what foods need to be taken out of your diet, what needs to be added in, dietary experiments you can try, lifestyle improvements, and other guidelines and suggestions I have for your particular situation and goals.

If you purchase a Package of 4,  6, or 12 Coaching Sessions, we’ll be working more in-depth on your diet, lifestyle, fitness targets, self-empowerment, and personal goals. We’ll have regular coaching calls over a period of two to six months, and we’ll be covering everything! The first coaching session we’ll discuss your diet and health history, and create a dietary foundation for you to get started with. In this session I will give you guidelines as to what to eat, what to take out of your diet, food portions, dietary experiments to try, and other recommendations to integrate into your lifestyle. Each proceeding coaching session we’ll continue making modifications and adjustments to your diet and lifestyle, adding new strategies, discussing any challenges that arise, and how to continue with the progress you are making. We will also discuss other aspects of your life that could be contributing to or interfering with your success and progress. Depending on your situation and goals, topics we can address and discuss can include stress management, emotional eating, your relationship to food, career and relationship goals, personal development strategies, and strengthening self-esteem and confidence. Purchasing a coaching package will ensure you get the support you need to meet your goals, plus have the personal accountability to stay on track.

I can coach you with:

  • improving your diet

  • weight loss

  • emotional eating

  • clearing acne

  • eliminating digestive issues

  • balancing hormones

  • improving mood and energy

  • achieving personal goals

  • strengthening self-esteem and confidence

  • stress management

Why hire me as your coach?

Working with me will fast track your success. You don’t have to waste your time figuring things out, you don’t have to risk making unnecessary mistakes, and coaching with me will offer you a fresh perspective, effective solutions, and support. If you could do it yourself, you would have already achieved your goals, right?! Having me as your coach saves you time and effort, keeps you on track and accountable, and I will guide you every step of the way.

Hiring a coach can be likened to hiring a confidant, someone outside your inner circle and family that you can express yourself to, and sort things out with. Everything we discuss in our coaching sessions is 100% confidential, and because we speak over the phone, you have the anonymity that allows you to open up, and really discuss your issues and challenges. Talking is an extremely powerful tool for problem solving, gaining clarity and perspective, releasing, and healing.

Natasha is a certified Holistic Health Counsellor by the Institute For Integrative Nutrition and is a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

Invest in Yourself Today!

Telephone Coaching With Natasha
Telephone or Skype Coaching Sessions – Natasha can call you anywhere in the world with no additional long distance telephone charges or fees.

1 hr Coaching Session: $99/Session

Package of 4 Coaching Sessions: $349 ($50 Savings!!)

Package of 6 Coaching Sessions: $499 ($100 Savings!!)

Package of 12 Coaching Sessions: $997 ($200 Savings!!)

Read The Testimonials! 

“I look forward to my coaching sessions every month!”

If you are thinking about signing up for coaching sessions with Natasha, you will not be disappointed. Natasha is not only a compassionate and caring professional, but a wonderful human being. Her happiness is infectious, and her coaching sessions are inspiring and helpful. Natasha’s approach is grounded and sincere; she provides sound advice with clever tips and suggestions to navigate through a variety of circumstances. I am so blessed to be working with Natasha. She has already helped me immensely, and I look forward to my coaching sessions every month. I cannot recommend her services enough!

Thank you, Natasha, for all that you do to help others be their best selves.

Mary Harris
New Jersey, USA


“Great things can really happen!”

When I initially started working with Natasha, it was to assist me with developing healthier eating plans and a consistent exercise regimen. I realized fairly quickly that she was exactly what I needed to go further into my emotional health issues and our sessions evolved into life coaching. Even though I’ve been a go-getter for most of my life, I was ready to go to the next level and needed more direction. I wanted help in all areas of my life – health, career, relationships, finance, etc. Natasha is sincere and caring and has a gift and talent for listening, asking questions, giving action steps, and motivating me to become the best me I can be.

Every day I go through an internal “thank you” process for her coaching. I’m proud of my growth and transformations. I now think bigger and set clearer goals that are customized to my lifestyle and values. I celebrate successes and understand better how to evaluate the areas where I need improvement in a positive way. I’ve put my ideas into action and am learning to step through the fear of change and growth.

The best thing about coaching is learning techniques to tap into the endless possibilities that I can create for myself. Great things can really happen!

Having a coach like Natasha is like listening to the little voice in the back of my mind that has been given a much stronger voice. I appreciate every minute of our time and her commitment to helping me make a difference in my life. And I continue to look forward and be proud of my growth and transformations. If you are ready to make changes, grow and transform, I highly recommend Natasha as a life coach.

Alice McCray


“I can’t emphasis enough what a difference your coaching made in my life”

Dear Natasha,

You affect change in your coaching. . not sure what it is about you, maybe you have a extra space in your heart that you have learned to fill with intelligence, wisdom, and laughter but the things that you touch(coach) change and change quickly…

I’m busy these days expanding my business in a large part because you helped me fix my inner game. Because of your coaching and my hard work I am now able to maintain a relationship while at the same time exploring new ways to go about reaching my goals. I can’t emphasis enough what a difference your coaching made in my life, it was water to a thirsty man just at the right moment. I will always be grateful to you.

Steve Wood


“The results have been amazing”

I contacted Natasha at the beginning of 2010 about my acne. I had not left the house without make up since I was fifteen (ten years ago!) because I had quite bad acne and pigmentation scarring.I had tried so many different things including taking the pill, antibiotics and topical lotions prescribed by my doctor, occasionally this would cause my skin to clear temporarily but the problem would always return. In addition, these would cause various unpleasant side effects. At a UK size 10, I was slim so losing weight was not a goal and I did not have any serious health problems except once a month I would get a bad pain along my right thigh. I contacted Natasha and gave her a run down of what I wanted to achieve and what my diet currently involved. She detailed what to eat and what not to eat, some of which seemed a little daunting (cutting out fried food which I love for example!) but I followed her advice regarding diet, exercise and what not to put on my skin.

The results have been amazing and I can honestly say I have not looked like this since I was 15! My skin cleared up completely and I regularly leave the house without make up, I no longer have any pain in my leg and I have also gone down two dress sizes (from a UK size 10 to a UK size 6) without even trying! I did not give up everything Natasha suggested but her advice showed me what foods make my body react in a certain way and by process of elimination I know that for me particularly, sugar (refined in chocolate, fizzy drinks, cakes etc.) gives me acne while drinking lots of water, cleansing with Aloe Vera and lots of exercise get rid of it. I also started eating more nuts and pulses and while I initially did not give up fried food, after a few months I found my body started to crave healthier things and fried food no longer appealed to me.

I can honestly say I did not go on drastic diet and am too busy to juice fast or completely re-work my lifestyle and Natasha took this into consideration and the results are amazing. I would say it took a few weeks to see the difference in my skin and the weight was lost over a period of three months but the difference is really unbelievable! Thanks Natasha!



“Her help is specific and heartfelt.”

Natasha is an awesome coach who is not only SUPER inspirational in her videos but even more inspirational one on one! Her help is specific and heartfelt. She is amazing at helping without seeming condescending and is full of information! She is always willing to help and work with you and your situation. I would recommend her for anyone dealing with a specific issues or someone just wanting some help transitioning to a healthier lifestyle.

She is so open and relatable, and in my opinion thats what makes her an awesome coach=)

Nikki Mullenger Phillippi


“The response to my questions and
food diary were holistically considered and specific to my needs.”

I became genuinely interested in Natasha’s interesting, personal and vibrant videos. After watching the videos for a few months I decided to approach her with my own questions and her response was quick, informative, very encompassing and ultra friendly! She has been a joy to learn from and I really appreciate her advice and enthusiasm. The response to my questions and food diary were holistically considered and specific to my needs.

I recommend her to anyone who would like to improve their overall health.

Hannah Lobb
New Zealand


Invest in Yourself Today!

Telephone Coaching With Natasha
Telephone or Skype Coaching Sessions – Natasha can call you anywhere in the world with no additional long distance telephone charges or fees.

1 hr Coaching Session: $99/Session

Package of 4 Coaching Sessions: $349 ($50 Savings!!)

Package of 6 Coaching Sessions: $499 ($100 Savings!!)

Package of 12 Coaching Sessions: $997 ($200 Savings!!)

Instructions to set-up Telephone Coaching with Natasha

1. Select and pay for Coaching Session or Package.

2. Send Natasha an email at:

3. In the subject line write: ‘Telephone Coaching’

4. In the email:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Indicate when you are available for coaching (days & time), and your time zone.
  • Please include any specific questions you may have, health conditions, concerns, weight loss goals, and/or anything in particular you want to discuss and focus on in the coaching.

5. Natasha will respond to you by email within 24 hours to set up the first coaching call.


Your Satisfaction Guaranteed!

I know my coaching program will give you the tools, resources, information and motivation you need to reach your goals

If for some reason you are not happy with the coaching, simply email me within 60 days of purchasing the coaching and I’ll refund you immediately!

Natasha St. Michael

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