About Natasha St. Michael

Natasha St. Michael is a holistic health coach, blogger, and motivator! Inspiring thousands of people through her coaching practise, online programs, blog, and adventurous life, Natasha’s passion and love is all things natural. Eating healthy food and making delicious recipes, challenging the body to get fit and strong, exploring the beautifying effects of natural skin care, and continually cultivating a seeking spirit, optimism, and determination to make anything happen, Natasha has found what really works in healing and higher living. Based on her own personal experience, and that of the thousands of people she has worked with, she is one person who knows that no one needs to settle for a mediocre life, no one needs to accept illness, lack of energy, discord, or depression as one’s fate, and every day can be yet one more day towards increased fulfillment, radiant health, and feeling your ultimate best!

Natasha was first introduced to natural health when she was seeking a way to reverse chronic depression, adult acne, and to free herself from the debilitating symptoms of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Natasha has had a long history of illness and very serous health conditions. Starting with being born with a heart defect and having open-heart surgery at the young age of five and a half years old, later in her teens she was diagnosed with pre-cancer of the cervix, into her early twenties she was told she had a rare bone disease in her hip that could leave her unable to walk again, and then into her mid-twenties she was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and told she was infertile. Talk about a lot of heavy drama!! If anyone knows what it’s like to walk through life dealing with severe health conditions, and the depression and darkness that comes with it, Natasha does!

Into her mid twenties, Natasha came to the point where she was so fed up with always being sick and dealing with one serious health condition after another, she started looking into alternative approaches to health. She started reading and researching how she could improve her diet and lifestyle, what alternative therapies could potentially help her, and how she could reduce stress and anxiety to feel more balanced. In her heart she knew there must be some other way, there must be a solution to her current ill health, and a way to preventing it from getting worse. She yearned for a better quality life, and she knew in her heart that the answers had to be somewhere.

As she pursued learning more and more about natural health, by chance a friend referred her to a chinese medicine practitioner and healer. Through treatments and consultations with this healer, Natasha’s life began to change and unfold in ways she never dreamed possible. This practitioner taught Natasha all about natural health and nutrition, how to heal herself through dietary and lifestyle changes, and ignited a passion in Natasha to learn more about natural healing, and later to even pursue a career in this field. This practitioner who at first treated Natasha, later became her teacher, mentor, and friend.

Into her early thirties, Natasha was well on her way to recovery and in fact felt better than she ever experienced. She replaced her junk food lifestyle and addictions to cigarettes, sugar, and caffeine with a diet of fresh whole foods, daily exercise, and various meditation and mindful practises to overcome her lifelong struggle with depression. She experimented with many healing modalities including juice fasting, raw food diet, natural skin care, nutritional cleanses, and doing her best to eat as much fresh, locally grown, organic foods as possible. Over time her body healed in ways she never thought possible. The cysts that cover her ovaries from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome completely disappeared, acne she had since adolescence completely cleared up, her hormones returned to a balanced level, she regained her fertility (and eventually had a baby!), and she freed herself from lifelong debilitating depression. As her body got healthy, so did her mind, and she gained the clarity and confidence to see the endless possibilities life had to offer her.

As Natasha turned her health and life around, the calling to help others do the same became loud and clear. Since childhood she always knew in her heart that behind all that bad health was the opportunity to not only help herself, but to help others. She knew that through life’s challenges came opportunity to develop deeper compassion, to understand the hearts of those suffering, and through her own personal challenges came a mission to guide and inspire others to heal themselves too. Natasha finally got the extra push she needed when her mentor, the chinese medicine practitioner, told her it was time for her to get out into the world on her own, and start helping others. Natasha went on to change her decade-long career as a fine artist, to pursuing a career as a health and wellness counsellor. She went back to school and became certified as a Holistic Health Counsellor by the Institute For Integrative Nutrition and is a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

Since 2009, Natasha has been counselling, teaching, and blogging about natural health, healthy eating, and natural skin care on her websites Radiance Central and Raw Radiant Health. She loves the diversity of her profession where she’s coaching people to eat healthier, lose weight, reverse chronic health conditions, clear up acne, and pursue fulfillment and happiness in their relationships and careers. Natasha works full time as a Health & Lifestyle Coach, and hosts monthly online group programs including the 7 Day Juice Fasting Program, 7 Day Raw Food Cleanse, and 7 Day Whole Food Challenge. She currently lives in Bali, Indonesia with her husband and daughter, and is writing her first book on a diet and natural skin care system for radiant, blemish-free skin.

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