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from Natasha St. Michael:

I coach people with their diet for a living. Everyone wants to get healthy. Everyone wants to feel energetic. Everyone wants to be at their perfect weight. Everyone wants to look good!

In general, everyone knows what they want, but most either don't know how to get there or don't have the proper resources to support them along the way. Willpower alone can only get you so far. Fad diets don't produce lasting results, and most diets are far from health promoting-- you may lose a few pounds but you are compromising your long term health to get there.

This is where I come in!! I've worked with hundreds and hundreds of people creating personalized diets plans based on eating a whole food diet of raw foods. Eating real food not only resolves weight issues whether it be to lose or gain weight, but also gets people healthier so they can reverse chronic health conditions, increase their energy and vitality, improve their mood, sharpen their mental capacities and look great!!

I know what works and I know what doesn't!! Your diet affects more than just your weight-- it affects everything!!


 Benefits From The Raw Food Diet:

Helps you lose weight easily without having to starve and deprive yourself

Cleanses and detoxifies your body so you lose the bloating, inflammation, water retention and puffiness

Improves skin texture, tone, and complexion-- acne, psorisis, rashes, eczema and even cellulite-- all of that goes away.

You no longer need artificial stimulants like sugar and caffeine for energy or concentration

You are released from the shackles of food addictions

Signs of aging reverses

No more aches and pains

Depression and anxiety lifts

Sleep improves

Concentration sharpens

Skin glows

Confidence and self-respect soars

These are just a few benefits from being on a Raw Food Diet. Many people, including myself have reversed serious illnesses, diseases and health conditions with the Raw Food Diet. Many have lost 100s of pounds, and for the majority of people, the Raw Food Diet propelled them forward to naturally taking better care of themselves, improving their self-image, confidence and self-respect.

But, the Raw Food Diet has to be done properly!!!

This is where many people run into huge problems. Most people don't know where to start or how to put meals together, or even what to eat, when to eat and what is a good balanced nutritious diet! People jump into raw foods with such great hope, enthusiasm and expectation only to fall off the diet due to not eating enough, not being prepared or not eating the right balance of foods. Most people run into problems with eating too many sugary fruit or too many high fat nuts and seeds. All of these foods are important, but they need to be properly balanced in a well rounded diet.

After receiving so many requests to put a program together, I have finally done it!

From working with thousands of people through private consultations and online group programs, I know what works. I see how people reach their health and weight loss goals. I know what keeps people motivated, invigorated and on track.

And finally I have put together the BEST 7 Day Raw Food Challenge!!!!!

"I lost 5 lbs by day 3 and a grand total of 10 lbs at the end of the Challenge!"

Doing the 7 Day Challenge was the push I needed to meet my weight loss goal. I lost 5 lbs by day 3 and a grand total of 10 lbs at the end of the Challenge!

The one thing I noticed about Natasha's menu was that it was so intuitive. Even though we got the material beforehand to review, my body "knew" what it wanted before I looked at the menu sheet. On days when I was really hungry, those were days when soups and nut pates were on the menu. On days when I didn't really want anything that heavy, the menu had salads and smoothies (I replaced green juices for the smoothies on some days). It's obvious that research and time was taken for this Challenge.

I'm looking forward to going onwards and Natasha is my raw food expert of choice. You have nothing to lose on this Challenge but unhealthy habits and bad food addictions!

LT Cartwright, Bahamas

"Your meal plan worked for me!"

Hey Natasha,

Thank you so much for putting together this wonderful meal plan. I had been following the raw food diet earlier, but was feeling hungry all the time and so was finding it difficult to be consistent on it. But your meal plan worked for me, I understood how much and how often to ealth. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience with us.

Have a blissful life ahead! And I hope to stay in touch with you and keep gat on this diet, and the recipes were yummy!
I am still trying out recipes from the material you gave, and thanking you each day.

I have watched most of your youtube videos and have followed you through your journey into better heetting inspired.


Mugdha Lakhani, California, USA

"Now I have no cravings at all
from my old bad diet!"

Hi Natasha,

I just want to thank you for the 7 Day Raw Food Challenge. I was 95% raw for the 7 days ( I cooked some quinoa one evening) and now on day 10, I am completely 100% raw. I have had 3 cups of coffee in 2 weeks and no bread and I don't even want it. On day 4, I was really hungry but I stuck it out and now I have no cravings at all from my old bad diet.

I feel totally energized, happy and positive. Its amazing.
I've been walking up the mountain everyday and doing pilates. I find the green smoothies have made all the difference. They fill me up and give me the energy that I need to get through my day.

Your videos were informational and inspiring and I admire you for what you're doing by being of service to others.

I feel like the 7 Day Challenge was exactly what I needed to get back on track. I have lost 10 lbs already! Only 40 more to go!

Thank you so much for your encouragement!

I just love you!


Patricia Gelinas, Montreal, Canada

This Raw Food Challenge is PERFECT for anyone who wants to:

Do the Raw Food Diet properly

Learn how to make delicious, satisfying & simple meals

Cleanse & detoxify your body without having to do any fasting

Start eating healthy

Lose weight

Look great!!!

I ask you:

• Have you ever wanted to try the Raw Food Diet but didn't even know where to begin?

• Have you tried the Raw Food Diet but couldn't last more than a few days before giving into temptation and cravings?

• Are you tired of the diet you are on and need a change?

• Are you not getting the results you want on your current diet?

• Do you want to eat healthy but don't even know what to make?

• Have other diets left you tired, mentally foggy, irritable, cranky and just feeling terrible?

If you answer 'Yes' to any or all these questions, than the 7 Day Challenge is PERFECT for you!

Raw Radiant Health's 7 Day Raw Food Challenge consists of doing the Raw Food Diet the right way! You'll be on a raw vegan diet for 7 days straight-- eating Fruits, Smoothies, Salads, Blended Soups, Vegetables & Dips, Nuts and Seeds. The Raw Food Challenge is designed to make it easy, fun and the food is delicious!!


 The 7 Day Raw Food Challenge includes:

An eBook containing:

Raw Food Diet Guidelines

Delicious Recipes for Smoothies, Salads & Dressings, Soups, Vegetables & Dips-- Recipes for the entire program is supplied. No need to worry about what to make and so much to choose from!

Menu Planner on what exactly to eat for Breafast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks.

Shopping List Worksheets guiding you step by step on what to buy.

Once you purchase the program, you'll receive a link to download the eBook immediately! 

"No fancy equipment needed, just a basic blender and knife!
Everything else: the Recipes, Menu Planner, Shopping Lists, are all supplied!!

7 Day Raw Food Challenge Daily Videos:

The program comes with 7 Raw Food Challenge Videos (20-45 minutes long each) - one video for each day of the Challenge. These videos are key, not only in guiding you through the diet, but also keeping you motivated and on-track!

Topics that will be covered in the videos:

Basics on the Raw Food Diet

What to expect on the Raw Food Diet

Tips on making sure you are getting proper nutrition

How to prepare food for school or work

Detox symptoms

How to deal with cravings

Tips for socializing while on the Raw Food Diet

Stocking a Raw Food Kitchen

Natural Skin Care

Superfoods & Supplements

Fitness and exercise

Diet and nutrition beyond the Challenge

And much, much, much more!!!

When you buy the program, you'll get instant access to all 7 videos - the videos can be viewed online or downloaded straight to your computer or mobile device.

The entire program is 7 days in total!


Get instant access to the entire program now!

only $47!

Read the Testimonials

"I weighed myself the day after the 7 days and I'd lost almost 13 pounds. I'm diabetic and have high blood pressure, so I can't underestimate the value of this!"

I started the 7 Day Raw Food Challenge partly to actually immerse myself in raw foods, rather than just to speculate what a 100% raw food diet would be like. It turned out to be a good experience, although it can be rough for some at first when caffeine and sugar have to be given up; fortunately, I'd already largely done this and I didn't experience many of those effects.

I weighed myself the day after the 7 days and I'd lost almost 13 pounds. I'm diabetic and have high blood pressure, so I can't underestimate the value of this.

Natasha's special vlogs for the 7 day challenge are excellent--you'll be inspired and learn a lot. I suggest that you give yourself and your health a little gift and sign up for the Challenge as soon as you are able.

Arthur Turner, USA

"I've come so so far from where I was and I want to thank you for helping me!"

Natasha, I want to say thank you for the incredible amount of information you've acquired and share with everyone, both through this 7 day program and through your regular videos. This was the best 30 dollars I've spent in I don't know how long.

I've been in recovery with Binge Eating Disorder since 2003 and every day for me is a struggle to take good care of myself. I've been studying the raw foods lifestyle intensely since July 10th, and working hard at doing it.... but you're the one who gave me the best road map to success. Before that I was just sort of limping along as best I could after reading blog after blog and page after page of everything I could get my hands on, as well as book after book from the library.

Anyway, little by little, I'm healing. Some days are better than others, some days are worse. Today was actually a much worse one. I actually had a full out binge, complete with massive stomach ache and all that goes with it. But........ I know now that as soon as I let myself get hungry again for real, I have fresh fruit and veggies waiting for me in the fridge and a sound nutritional guideline that actually works for my body that I can lean on. I know now that I'm one single smoothie away from feeling better. One salad will fix my indigestion. And if I can do one, I can probably do another one. And then another one after that.

In the past when this happened, it was the beginning of a really bad downward spiral and cooked food made it worse, without fail, every single time. But you've given me the template. This means I can see the door in the dark room, and I know which direction leads to sunlight and fresh air. This is a marked improvement over guessing the best direction. I've been fighting this monster since I was 18 years old. I'm now 39. I can't tell you how many books I've read on nutrition, addiction, eating disorders, recovery.... everything.

You've given me the gift of being able to tell the difference between a meal my body doesn't like and one that it does like. And the thing that made the difference was that pdf file that explained how much of each thing I was supposed to eat every day. That pound of greens. That 1/4 cup of nuts. Those specific things are going to fix me if I just keep trying. Before that I was just shooting in the dark and everything that the food pyramid says is a bald faced lie.... for me. It just physically made me sick in addition to the host of other issues I've been working through for so long.

I used to be an incredibly sick girl. Now I'm just an occasionally sick girl during times of stress. And now, holy moley..... now I can feel how bad certain foods are for my body. I ate out in a restaurant this morning and had a meal that I used to eat regularly, and I felt like I swallowed a brick. Part of it tasted pretty boring, too. That's a great sign. It means that all these salads are changing me and hopefully soon, that cooked stuff will just simply taste bad to me, like cardboard, and it won't satisfy me, and it won't beckon like a siren because I know if I eat it, I won't really like it any more.

So I'm just going to take it one meal at a time and do my best to be good to me. You've given me another pretty big set of tools I can use to change the things that aren't so good. I've come so so far from where I was and I want to thank you for helping me. I feel that your knowledge and your experience are going to be key in my healing process.

Kate Croft, OR, USA

"I've dropped 2 pounds in the week, which I haven't been able to do in well over 4 months!"

Hi Natasha,

I have been eating raw for approximately 9 months before starting this Challenge. I've known since I started that this was a good way of eating for me, however I couldn't quite get it right! As you're aware, there are so many variations out there on this diet. More fruit, less fruit, high fat, low fat, etc. So I had been feeling pretty good, but not quite the "radiance" that I've read some people write about.

I am so happy to tell you, that your protocol is the right mix! I enjoyed the week just as you laid it out and I felt excellent all week without any bloating, gas, or discomfort. I was full of energy, and I'm certain I had some detox happening at the beginning of the week. I've dropped 2 pounds in the week, which I haven't been able to do in well over 4 months! I think the key for me was keeping the meals very simple. You've taught me how to eat plentiful but wisely.

So.... thank you very much for this wonderful Challenge. I have been, and will continue to spread the word! My juicer is all shined up and waiting for your Juice Fasting Program! Can't wait!

Kind Wishes to you,

Joanne Cayer, Cornwall, Ontario, Canada

"This week has been above
and beyond what I expected!"


I would like to thank you. This week has been above and beyond what I expected. The raw food was great, and the way I feel is amazing. And, I'm finally free of my Raisin Bran and soy milk!!! Taking it day by day, but I hope to continue this lifestyle. It was a blessing to find you and your video blog and a pleasure to participate in this Challenge. You're the best, and thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with all of us.

Lisha Megginson, Maryland, USA

"This is what I needed --- some direction on how to go about it."

This trip to raw food world was YUMMMMMY. This is what I needed --- some direction on how to go about it. Thank you for the smoothies, and that spicy tomato soup and those salad recipes. Have you thought of putting all those recipes in a book? I'll be first in line! Thank you for sharing your expertise. Ohhhh yes !!! I'm just sad it ended so fast.

Elizabeth Coelho, Montreal, Canada

"My husband and I both lost weight,
him 6lbs, me 4lbs!"


Thank you so much for the videos. I can tell you put a lot of work into it and that it is something you are so passionate about. My husband and I both lost weight, him 6lbs, me 4lbs. More than that we look forward to continuing with a high raw way of eating and who knows, maybe one day 100% raw!

Kind Wishes to you,

Dayna, OR, USA

"I can't believe all these changes happened over just 7 days!!!"

I just want to say thank you so much for all your information though the 7 day raw food challenge! I was not sure what to except but am thrilled with the results. I was exhausted on waking every day for the last few years and the doctors all said I was fine and healthy. I knew something was not right and after this week I am not tired anymore. Also the tips of my big toes have been almost numb for years and I noticed yesterday that there not anymore. I'm not sure what that was all about but its fixed now. I also had dark circles under my eyes (they arrived around the time that I started feeling exhausted) everyone says it just part of getting older (I am 26 and didn't believe that) and they are starting to fade. Also My stretch marks seem to be dissapearing! I can't believe all these changes happend over just 7 days. I was not excpecting any of this but am thrilled with it all. Thank you so much for giving me the suppored to start my journey into eating raw!

Nicole, USA

"Watching Natasha's videos made me feel like I could do it and that even if I was not perfect on raw food, every positive step was improving my health!"

When I started the 7 day raw food challenge, I had no idea that I would be able to quit the coffee habit. I was used to drinking 10-15 cups of coffee and expresso everyday and thought I would never be able to wake up without the Morning Java. About the 2nd day, Natasha encouraged me to loose the coffee habit at my own pace. Her gentle encouragement was so helpful! She gave me the vision of life without coffee and then gave me the tools to replace that jolt of energy by using green juices and lemon water in the morning. Watching Natasha's videos made me feel like I could do it and that even if I was not perfect on raw food, every positive step was improving my health.

Working with Natasha is very comfortable. She encourages, advises, and shares her wisdom about health and she is fun to listen to and watch.

I would highly recommend her. She is wonderful!

Deborah Grissam, USA

"It has changed me forever!!"

The seven day challenge has definitely changed me and my relationship with food. Everyday I get up and either use my blender or my juicer. My garbage can looks like a composting station. I am so proud of myself and what I have accomplished thus far. I'm energized, I able to control my cravings, my skin looks healthier and I LOVE this lifestyle. It has changed me forever.

Betsey Padilla, USA

"My skin is soooo soft and clear. I feel beautiful and pleased to be around people!!"

This 7 Day Raw Food Challenge has changed my life.

I was scared. I was scared of going 100% raw.

I had a lots of questions and I decided to stick to my challenge often reminding myself my main goal and wanting to know the answers once and for all.

How would I socialize without feeling left out, alone with my big salad?

----- I went to a restaurant twice this week and felt great. Nobody questioned my salad. I felt satisfy eating my big salad. Also, because I was feeling great this week, I was in to the discussions and what was going on around the table. (However, going to a restaurant made me realize how cooked food is everywhere. Ceasar Salad with parmesan cheese, Salad with cooked eggs, Potato Salad and so on.)

Would I fell starved eating lots of fruits, greens and vegetables and few nuts and seeds? Would I fell starved (missing something) not eating my dried fruits and nuts candies? No treats when I felt tired of my day, when I felt helpless, when I succeeded at something, when I wanted to entertain myself, ... No treats.

------I have learned that my meals were satisfying to me. This feeling of satisfaction seemed to ease my emotions. I felt SATISFIED.

And as for my main goal, today my skin is soooo soft and clear. I feel beautiful and pleased to be around people.

I want to experience this EVERYDAY.

Furthermore, the daily videos were motivational and made me realize that I have been taking to much time thinking about my dreams and not enough time achieving them. HUGE! HUGE! I now have projects. Yes! Projects!

Thank you Natasha for the menu planner, it is helpful tool. Thank you for the simple and yummy recipes. Thank you for reminding me the importance of exercises and sun (they also give energy and fuel). Thank you for the inspiration. You seem to live your life to the fullest and it is sooooo inspiring.

LOTS of gratitude toward you, Natasha

Julie Deslandes, USA

Got Questions?

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the 7 Day Raw Food Challenge (click on the questions below):

FAQ Display

    + Q: Do I need any special equipment?

    A: Just a basic kitchen blender and a knife to cut the fruits and vegetables.

    + Q: I am a picky eater, do I get to choose which recipes and foods I want to eat?

    A: Yes! Once you sign up for the Challenge you will recieve a Menu Planner, Recipes and a Shopping List Worksheet. You will be supplied an outline as to what to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. You are given many recipes to choose from for all your meals and you are always welcome to make your own favorite smoothies or salad dressings, as long as they are raw of course!!

    + Q: I am on a budget, does all the food have to be organic?

    A: If you can afford all organic food, great, but if not, that's fine too! Just make sure you wash the non-organic fruits & vegetables well and you remove the peels. Everyone has different budgets, so do what you can and are most comfortable with.

    + Q: I am trying to lose weight, should I count calories or watch what I eat?

    A: The raw food diet is completely different than any standard mainstream diet. Most of the food on a raw food diet is very low in calories, so you do not have to worry at all about watching what you eat. The biggest mistake people run into when going on a raw food diet is actually not eating enough!! So enjoy the food and you'll be pleasantly surprised to see how easy the weight starts dropping off, without even trying!

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If for some reason you are not happy with Radiance Central's 7 Day Raw Food Challenge, simply return it within 30 days of purchasing, and you'll be refunded immediately, no questions asked!

Natasha St. Michael
Radiance Central

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