In A Rut – How To Get Your Motivation Back?

Getting motivation back is all about sparking your passion and enthusiasm. It's not about what you're trying to do but how excited you are about doing it. |

In A Rut – How To Get Motivation Back?

I am BACK!

Yes, it’s definitely been a while since I’ve posted on Radiance Central. I haven’t completely disappeared, I’ve just had to take a little time off to build my new website, The Clear Skin Essentials, and get it going. Now that I’ve established a good rhythm for it, I can now divide my time between both websites (awesomeness!).

I’ve been wanting to write a blog post for Radiance Central for a while, but what’s been standing in my way I wasn’t sure what to get started with? Do I just jump in and continue blogging about health like I never stopped, or do I do a blog post about what I’ve been up to over these past few months?

Then I got an email from a long time subscriber, and she was telling me about the frustration she’s having not being able to stick with her diet. Her head is telling her to do one thing, but she’s doing another thing. When I read her email, it reminded me of my own struggles, not just with diet, but in other areas of my life as well.

There’s some things that you choose to do, and you just do it. You get it done. Then there’s other things you sincerely want to do or goals you want to achieve, but everything you end up doing is counter your objective. You want to do one thing, but you do the opposite. Or worse, you sabotage yourself.

Since becoming a mother, having goals and getting things done has taken on a whole new dimension for me. I’ve come to realize that if I don’t like something, or I don’t enjoy the process, or the end result isn’t precious enough to me – I just won’t do it. It’s as simple as that.

Before becoming a mother, I could push myself. I could tell myself “don’t think about, just do it.” And I would push and push myself. I would keep trying. If I fell down, I’d get back up and have a go at it again. I didn’t quite care how torturous or difficult my goals were, I was driven.

But recently, as I feel like I’m juggling 50 000 mummy responsibilities everyday, I need more than a push to get things done, to take my goals seriously, and have razor sharp focus and determination.

I realize the most important ingredient is not so much knowing what to do, but feeling refreshed and inspired to actually do it.

So nowadays when I go about accomplishing my goals, I’m learning to focus on how to pump myself up with excitement and enthusiasm. I need that energy to move forward, to get my head on right to see the value and excitement in what I’m setting out to do. If I don’t do that, nothing is going to happen, or everything will fall flat as soon as I start

Let me give you a few examples:

Eating Healthy: If I don’t feel particularly inspired to eat healthy, I need to see something to remind me how delicious healthy food is. I like going on Pinterest to see all the beautiful photos of healthy recipes. It’s my go-to place for refreshing inspiration, and a strong reminder that healthy food can be just as yummy, and satisfying as anything else. Images of of beautifully made healthy food always shifts my attitude instantly.

Exercise: Instagram & Tumblr are my go to’s for extra push to exercise and get fit. As I just mentioned, I’m a visual person, so if I see photos of people exercising and looking crazy fit and healthy – that’ll definitely give me the push I need to exercise and work out. I want what they have, and that makes me move.

Taking Care Of Myself: My bathroom and bedroom must always be clean. Clean linens and a made bed always makes going to sleep at a decent hour much more inviting, and waking up much more encouraging. Clean bathroom always inspires me to take extra care of myself. In my opinion, there’s nothing more discouraging than a dirty home (and this is forever my challenge, and my motivating force as well).

Stress reduction: Overwhelm and stress can be hardcore energy drainers. It’s important to be doing things that refresh you, and takes the edge off. When I’m horribly stressed, I don’t feel alive, I feel like a drained zombie and life becomes heavy, overwhelming, and terribly frustrating. That’s usually my wake-up call that I need to bring some fun and lightheartedness back into my life (lose the seriousness, I can be so terribly serious, all the time!). Anything to break up the monotony and routine helps, like going to the beach for a quick swim, listening to my favourite music, playing hide n’ seek with Luna Ray, going to the spa, visiting a friend, going shopping, going out for dinner, etc.

Relationships: I find if there is any sort of strain in any of my relationships, there’s a strain in my life. It’s like a giant dark cloud affecting EVERYTHING. I like to reminisce, A LOT. I love looking back at my life, my friendships, my relationships, those past experiences that make me laugh at myself and think “omg, I can’t believe I did that!” This always connects me to the love and appreciation I have for everyone and just how rich my life really is.

Career & Work: I like taking eCourses (not only work related, but all sorts of courses in general). I find when I’m learning new things, new skills, new approaches, or just being guided by someone else besides myself – it refreshes me. It give me courage to try new things. And when I’m learning new things it bring more adventure into my life, I’m growing as person, and willing to explore new possibilities.

You might be focusing (and trying to control) all the wrong things

I’m sharing all this because sometimes the more excited you are about your life and the possibilities, the easier it is to actually get things done.

If you can’t stick to a goal or plan, it might not be because you’re not organized enough or you don’t have a proper plan, but because you haven’t pumped yourself up with enough excitement and passion to actually do it.

Knowing what can switch your attitude from “blah… maybe tomorrow” to “YES! Right here, right now!” isn’t about your goal, it’s about being excited about what’s going to happen. It’s about the possibilities, it’s about trying something new, it’s about revealing just how magical life really is.

It’s so great to be back! And if you have adult acne do check out my new website , The Clear Skin Essentials, (plus join the FREE Acne Solutions 5-Day Email Course).

For more on shifting out of rut-mode, check out today’s video below.

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