Biggest Mistake I Made When Starting My Online Business + Webinar Announcement

The Biggest Mistake I Made Starting An Online

Webinar Announcement

I super excited to announce that I will be co-hosting a live webinar with Frederic Patenaude on the “7 Biggest Mistakes When Starting An Online Business In Natural Health” this coming Thursday, January 28, 2016 at 5pm Pacific Time/8pm Eastern Time. Click Here to sign up.

Frederic Patenaude has a few online businesses and has been working in natural health for over 20 years. For the past ten years he coaches and teaches other business owners how to build successful online businesses. When I started my first website Raw Radiant Health back in 2009, I took Frederic’s course, How To Succeed With Your Alternative Health Business, to make sure I started my website and online business properly from the start, and Frederic has been my business coach and mentor all these years.

I am super excited to co-host this webinar, “7 Biggest Mistakes When Starting An Online Business In Natural Health” with him. This is REALLY IMPORTANT information for anyone thinking about starting an online business or blog in natural health, as well as for those of you who might already have an online business and want to get more traffic on your website and make it more profitable.

Click Here to sign-up for the webinar. There will be a limited time replay (to get the link, you’ll have to sign-up to the webinar). Do try to make it to the live webinar because we’ll be doing live Q&As at the end, and it’s an opportunity for you to connect with Fred and I, and get the most out of the webinar.

The Biggest Mistake I Made When Starting My Online Business

In spirit of our upcoming webinar, I thought I’d share the biggest mistake I made when starting Radiance Central.

This is a terrible mistake, and one I don’t want you to make.

Luckily I made this mistake back in 2011, when the internet wasn’t as “saturated” as it is today. If I started Radiance Central today, in 2016, and made this same mistake, Radiance Central would have never taken off. It would fail. And I’ll be honest, I do struggle with the repercussions of this mistake, and I’m always experimenting with different solutions to fix it.

Again, please don’t make this same mistake I made. This is a warning!

What was the terrible mistake I made when starting my online business?

When I started Radiance Central, I was terrified of limiting myself to a niche or specializing in one particular thing. I thought that if I built a website that was more broad, covering a general topic like “natural health” or “healthy living,” I would be able to reach a wider audience, help more people, have more opportunities, and more topics and ideas to present in the blog and videos. Back when I started Radiance Central, lifestyle blogs were popular, and I thought by going in that direction I would have a wider reach.

Big mistake.

Huge mistake.

The worst mistake.

The opposite of what I expected, happened. Without having a defined niche or specializing in anything specific, it was really hard to build an audience. And without an audience, you can’t build a successful online business.

Building an audience is number one. An audience is all the people who come to your website/blog, and keep coming back. But in order to come to your website and connect with what you’re doing – they have to be able to find you. And, if your website is too vague, too broad, and doesn’t specialize in anything in particular, it’ll be close to impossible for anyone to find it, or stick around.

Here’s an example how a niche website or blog can be a total success:

I want to illustrate an example of how a niche website can be successful:

Let’s say you are a vegetarian, and you go to the doctor one day and they tell you you have diabetes and must go on a diabetic diet.

You go home and do an internet search on “vegetarian diabetic diets”. The first three items that come up on your google search are from 3 different websites: “”, “”, and “”

Which one are you going to click on? If you’re a diabetic vegetarian looking for a diabetic diet, you’re probably going to click on the third one, “” Over there you’re not just going to find one article on a diet for vegetarian diabetics, but you’re probably going to find a whole library of articles for vegetarian diabetics, plus vegetarian recipes for diabetics, shopping lists, success stories about vegetarian diabetics, resources, etc. Everything you need and want is all going to be on that one website. Instead of spending 10 seconds scrolling through an article, you’ll probably spend a few hours. You’ll also probably bookmark the website for future reference, think about your other friends who are vegetarian diabetics that you want to tell them about the website, and you might even buy their recipe eBook too.

A lot more connection and magic will happen on a niche or specialty website (like the one I described above), than on a broad or general website. Right?!

Nowadays there’s billions of websites on the internet, and in order to be successful, you must standout. You must do something or provide something that keeps people coming back wanting more. The only way of doing that is building a website or blog around a speciality or niche, where it’s the go-to place offering solutions or resources for a particular problem or need.

How to choose a niche

In 2016, “natural health” is not a niche, it’s too general. Even diets like paleo or raw food diet, those are not niche either. Health coaching, weight loss coaching, life coaching, etc., – none of those are niche enough either.

What you need to do is narrow those topics down even more. For example:

If you want to build a website or blog on a specific diet, your website need to specialize in an area of that diet, or a result someone wants to get from that diet, or a target market needing help with that diet.

For example, let’s say you want to do a website on paleo diet. Instead of just doing a paleo diet website (that no one will find), narrow it to:  paleo diet for muscle building, paleo diet on a budget, paleo diet for house wives, 5-minute paleo meals for working people, 3 ingredient paleo recipes, etc.

By specializing in something very specific, it’ll make it much easier for the people that are looking for your information and products to find you (and rave about you). And, the easier it is for people to find you and understand exactly what you are offering – the more chances of your website being a complete success.

What if you already have a lifestyle blog or very general website that you’re struggling with, how to niche it down?

There’s two things you can do:

1- Think about how you can narrow down your website’s specialty or topic, and do it. I’ve known people who chosen a niche and changed their website overnight, or others who have slowly transitioned their website to a more specific niche.

2- Survey your audience and ask them what they like and don’t like about your website. Ask them what their challenges and struggles are, and what they want help with. Ask them what they want more of on your website. Through conducting surveys you’ll get a better idea of how to better serve your audience and it will give you ideas on how to narrow down your niche or what to specialize in.

For more on choosing a niche and my biggest mistake when starting Radiance Central, watch today’s video below.

To learn more about building a successful online business, do join the live webinar this Thursday, January 28 at 5pm PST/8pm EST. Click here to register.

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