Diet & Health Goals Now That I’m In My 40s

Diet & Health Goals Now That I Am 40 -

Diet & Health Goals Now That I’m In My 40s

Last weekend I turned 40! The big 4-0 (and thank you so much for all the birthday wishes!).

Looking at where I am right now, a lot has changed and shifted in my diet and lifestyle in recent years.

My goals and focus in my 30s

Back in 30s, I was really focused on weight loss and reversing Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and all the symptoms that came with it (including adult acne, infertility, cysts covering both my ovaries, and hormone imbalances).

By my mid-30s I was able to completely reverse PCOS and all the symptoms, plus I lost 30 pounds and have kept it off for the past 5 years. That was a huge accomplishment for me.

When I was 37, I got pregnant with our daughter Luna Ray, and after giving birth, I breastfed her for 2 years and 2 months (she stopped nursing 2 months ago).

In all, my 30s were all about balancing my hormones, weight loss, getting rid of the PCOS, getting healthy, and having a baby.

Now, in my 40s

And now I’m 40. And I have to say I’m still working at getting my hormones and body back to balance after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Since giving birth I find it extremely difficult to build muscle, and my body just feels “skinny saggy!” It’s not like in my twenties and thirties where I’d go back to the gym and my body just snaps back into shape. This is taking a lot more work!

I do believe this challenge of building strength and muscle is a combination of post-pregnancy hormones and getting older. But it makes me even more determined to get strong and fit, and build up my body to be stronger and healthier than before.

I find what works best for me at this time in my life is being on a lower carb diet. It doesn’t mean I cut out carbohydrates completely or go on a super low carb diet, it just means I eat a lot less carbohydrates. I do this by cutting my portions of carbohydrates in half instead of taking them out of my meals. This works best for me because I still get my carb fix at all my meals, and it reduces cravings, and keeps my energy up.

I have to say in recent years I do feel a lot better having more proteins and healthy fats in my diet. Back in my twenties and early thirties I was on a high carb diet, which worked for me back then, but not anymore. I need the the proteins to balance my blood sugar, and I need the fats to build and support my hormones.

My metabolism too is a lot slower. I embrace that and tend to just eat a lot less. I find the more I am connected to what my body needs, my appetite, when I’m full, and my energy levels – I am able to intuitively know what I need and how much.

Lastly, stress-reduction is a big one for me these days. I can’t handle stress like I used to. In fact I don’t like to be stressed at all. Maybe this comes with age, and perhaps I’ve got much more responsibilities now that I have a child and family. Whatever it is, I don’t like to be rushed, I don’t like to be overwhelmed. I don’t like being on the edge. I like rhythm and even routine (OMG, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it’s true, ha ha ha!).

My Health Goal For My 40s

My main health goal for my 40s is to be strong and fit. When I turn 50 I want to be fitter and more in shape than I am now. I embrace getting older, and I especially love a challenge (as long as it’s not stressful).

For more on my diet & health goals now that I am 40, check out today’s video below.

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3 thoughts on “Diet & Health Goals Now That I’m In My 40s

  1. Hello Natasha, you’re radiant at 40. Being strong is a great goal, i know you can accomplish anything, because you’re fabulous inside and out.

  2. Hi Natasha ,

    I hear what you are saying and it is encouraging . The challenges that life
    throws at you requires us all to be strong . I am 15 years older than you
    and about 5 years back I hit a “Oh what’s the use” phase and I haven’t been
    able to get myself back on track . I went into a physical fitness , beauty thing
    in my late twenties and all I really got from it was hatred from females and
    stalking from both men & women and I finally burned out from it . Constantly
    being plagued by people you don’t want can get to anyone after a while . I
    have heard about certain women allowing themselves to get fat after being
    raped . I have to do something about my health now because arthritis has
    sneaked into my system I believe due to the stress and inactivity . So , long
    story short , I will have to sign up for one of your juice classes again soon and
    give fitness a try again in order to survive .


  3. Age doesn’t matter also when it comes to health and fitness. No matter what age, you can still be fit and healthy at the same time. I am just glad to read your post because it inspires me to take fitness seriously. And yes, there are many possible ways. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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