Do You Need A Diet “Refresher”?


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Do You Need A Diet Refresher?

I find the month of September to be a lot like January. It’s that time of year where you’re returning to your routine. The summer holidays are over, kids are back to school, work is in full force, and well, the party is over!

This is also the time of year where the effects of the holidays start catching up to you. You might have gained some weight, fallen off your diet, or haven’t been taking as great care of yourself as you normally do.

September is the month to start afresh.

But, it could also be the time of year where as much as you want and need to start afresh, you have absolutely no motivation or desire to do so. Summer is over and any excitement for a diet change or weight loss program seems long gone.

So what do you do?

You want to lose weight, you want to eat healthy, you would love the glowing results of doing a juice fast or a cleanse, but the idea of eating salads and making green juices just seems so unappetizing and time consuming. You might even lose your appetite just thinking about it!

I am writing about this because I’ve been in this place so many times, and I’ve coached so many people through this. This is my favourite part of coaching – helping you get over the hump, and finding strategies that are doable for you, where you’re at right now.

I will tell you that doing anything you don’t want to do is torture, and it will sabotage your results. You know this, right? So, how many times have you started a juice fast or diet not really wanting to do it, but you did it out of desperation for the results? And what happened? Did you happily accomplish what you set out to do despite not being motivated? Or, did you break the fast or diet within the first day or two, you felt so gutted and disappointed in yourself that you over-ate the very foods you wanted to stay away from, and maybe you even gained more weight than when you started? It sounds crazy, but it happens all the time.

I will tell you: this sort of craziness has to stop! It won’t get you anywhere, and you will dig a deeper hole for yourself.

To get yourself back in the game, you have to start with the steps that are doable. Do what is easy. Forcing yourself to do anything you’re not excited about is madness, a waste of time. And, it will backfire on you.

Ask yourself one question:

What is one simple step I can do today to improve my lifestyle, that is easy?

And be honest.

Sometimes you’re ready for a diet change, and sometimes you’re just not. And that doesn’t mean you can get started on improving something.

Lifestyle changes, losing weight, improving your health, getting fit, etc., doesn’t happen overnight. Majority of people who get results, and maintain the results, have done it in steps. Like running a marathon, you need to pace yourself.

So, if you’re dying to lose weight or you’ve had it with your sugar addiction, but you’re just not feeling ready or inspired to take the necessary steps forward, that doesn’t mean you have to wait until that magic moment comes. Because my friend, that magic moment of fire and determination might never come (I’m being honest). Instead, get started with something, anything.

Again, ask yourself: what are you willing to do today, that is easy?

It might be skipping that mid afternoon chocolate bar, not drinking soda with your dinner, or even putting the diet changes completely aside (for the time being), and focus on lifestyle improvements instead. Maybe right now isn’t the time to tackle the chocolate addiction, but you are more than willing to go to sleep earlier, or start exercising a few times a week, or making a conscious effort to drink more water.

You might be thinking letting go of the cookies is just impossible, but going for an evening walk is totally doable and beyond easy. If that’s the case, start with that.

Starting with the easy stuff is so effective because it moves you out of complacency and into action. You start doing one good thing for yourself, naturally you’ll be able to start doing a second and third thing. You no longer have to force yourself, it will become a more natural progression.

How I see it, it’s all about getting your wheels turning. Once you get things going, all you need to do is steer, and you’re guaranteed to go in the right direction.

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