Balancing Work Life & Real Life


Balancing Work Life & Real Life

I’ve been on an extended vacation from the blog!

Last month we took a vacation to visit my husband’s family in Lombok, Indonesia. When we returned, the phone line on our street was taken down due to road work being done in our area, which meant I couldn’t jump back into videos and blog work right away because no phone line = no internet.

At first I embraced the idea of having an extended vacation, but quickly I found myself creating offline projects I could do in the meantime.

Instead of taking some time off, I spent the past few weeks immersing myself in creating a second website and writing an eCourse for it! (I’ll be launching it early next week, or maybe even sooner!).

And this is great. This project is something I’ve wanted to do for such a long time, and I’m happy that I’ve had the opportunity to finally put it together. But, at the same time, I realized I have a hard time taking time to relax and do fun, non-work stuff. If I can’t work, I tend to find something to work on! And when I’m inspired, I want to work all day and night. But, I’ve got a family now, they need my attention, and late night working takes a toll on me, more so now, than when I was much younger.

So I had one of those “light bulb moments,” of realizing I need more balance (my husband also told me too!).

I know I’m not the only one that has a hard time balancing my work life with my home life, family life, and social life. You too might be dealing with this, especially nowadays with the internet, laptops, smartphones, the ability to work from anywhere at any time, and everything at such a fast pace with higher demands. Sometimes the to-do list just seems endless, right?

So today I’m sharing some of the things I’ve been doing to bring back the balance:

How to balance work life and real life:

1- What has worked in the past?

Ask yourself: what have you done in the past to maintain a balanced work life? What worked? What certainly didn’t?

This is always the best place to start.

It’s much easier to do things that you have already done, that worked. You just need to remind yourself what those things are.

For me, when it come to balancing my work life, I know that treating my work life like going to the office, helps. That means I’m not working all sorts of crazy hours (like in the middle of the night while my husband and daughter are sleeping), but working regular hours like 9-5.

To keep with my work hours, I shut the computer down at 5pm and put it away in the closet until the next day.

Making an effort to be more efficient with your work time can help too. That could include figuring out what your distractions are and eliminating them, being more organized, planning ahead, and finding ways to focus better.

You can get a lot more done, in less time, if you work in a distraction-free environment. Ways of reducing distractions include only checking your emails once or twice a day (and turning off the email alerts), not surfing the internet throughout the day, turning off your phone, and working in a quiet room.

Sometimes you are over working not because you have so much work to do, but because you aren’t using your time wisely or efficiently.

2- What have you stopped doing?

When you are working on big projects or over-working, what are the activities you normally do, but suddenly stop doing?

Could it be exercising, cooking healthy meals, keeping your home tidy, returning phone calls, socializing, grocery shopping, spending time with your family, reading books, taking time to unwind, doing outdoor activities, going to the movies, etc?

I know for myself, when I am overworking, I stop exercising. Exercising for me is usually a priority. Usually I schedule my whole day around my workouts, so if that stops, that’s an indication for me something is wrong, that I’ve made my work a priority, and not myself.

I also find that when works starts getting too serious, fun activities just seem to stop! You might want to ask yourself if that’s the case for you? Are you still managing to have fun despite the demands and the heavy work load? If not, then that’s a wake-up call to reassess your situation.

3- Scheduling socializing

It’s one thing to say, “Ya, let’s get together next week,” and it’s another thing to say, “Meet me at _____, at 5pm on Saturday.” Big difference, right?!

When you make a plan to see someone or be somewhere, you can’t cancel.

If you have a tendency to overwork, and have your work life take over your real life, you’ve got to make a conscious effort to make plans to see people, and do non-work-related activities.

Don’t make vague plans, make definitive, real plans.

Everyone needs to see people and socialize, life is not only about work, and we certainly weren’t put on this planet to just work. As important as what you’re doing is, taking a break will refresh you, and perhaps even offer you more insight and perspective, and will certainly enrich your life as well.

For more on finding balance between your work life and real life, watch today’s video below! 

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