GIVEAWAY – Living Libations Vanilla Best Skin Ever

Living Libations Giveaway -

GIVEAWAY – Living Libations Vanilla Best Skin Ever

I am super excited about this giveaway! As we all know, I love Living Libations skin care products, and I especially love their Vanilla Best Skin Ever.

Living Libations sent me the Vanilla Best Skin Ever as a gift earlier this year (to read my full review of it, click here). I’ve been using the Vanilla Best Skin Ever daily, morning and night, as a facial cleanser over the last 5 months and my skin has been responding beautifully to it! I was previously using pure coconut oil as a facial cleanser but it was causing all sorts of adverse skin reactions including a rash covering my entire forehead, and it wasn’t until I started using Living Libations Vanilla Best Skin Ever did my skin completely clear-up and I haven’t had rashes or bumps since!

I fully love this product, and I’m sure you will too!

How you can use Living Libations Vanilla Best Skin Ever

  • facial cleansing oil
  • body oil
  • add small amount to your bath to soften your skin
  • use a very tiny amount on the ends of your hair to treat dry hair or add extra shine

Personally, I’ve had such great results using it as a facial cleanser, I’ve just been using it exclusively on my face. Once in a while I’ll rub a small drop or two on my wrists because it smells so good!

Benefits of Living Libations Vanilla Best Skin Ever

This oil is light,  easily absorbable, not at all greasy, and smells divine!!!

I especially recommend using it to wash your face because it’s so gentle, non-comedogenic, thoroughly removes make-up, sunscreen, oil and debris, and leaves your skin smooth and soft. This is a perfect cleanser for anyone who has fine lines and wants to protect their skin from ageing.

Guidelines for the Giveaway:

To enter Living Libations Vanilla Best Skin Ever giveaway, submit your email address below. You have until August 13, 2015 (midnight EST) to enter (and please tell your friends and family to enter too!). On Friday, August 14, 2015, I’ll announce the one lucky winner! The giveaway is open internationally.

To read more about the Vanilla Best Skin Ever, click here to go to Living Libations website.

If you haven’t yet read my reviews of some of my favourite Living Libations products, here’s one review here, and another here.

Watch today’s video for more on the Giveaway and my results using the Vanilla Best Skin Ever!

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9 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY – Living Libations Vanilla Best Skin Ever

  1. I love your blog and videos….very inspiring. I have been doing the gradual switch to everything healthy and ridding toxic substances from my body and environment the best I can. I have recently gone completely all natural with my skincare. I had seen your review for Living Libations a while ago and purchased a few things from them. I LOVE the products I have received so far from them but I do not have the Vanilla BSE and would really like to try that products also.

    Thank you so much for inspiring people like me to a healthier lifestyle!

  2. Thanks, for sharing this amazing looking product. I’ll share this with my family.
    Please pick us 😉
    Have a great day!

  3. I have never tried this product, and would love to give it ago. I have cancer, and 63 years of age, I certainly could do with a pick me up at this moment. My skin could do with some help, and with all the worry, finding you have cancer, this would be lovely to get this for free. Thanks

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