Best Ways To Juice Cabbage + Recipe


Juicing cabbage

Cabbage is one of my favourite leafy vegetables to juice. Not only is it it rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, it also yields a lot of juice and is cheap to buy.

Drinking cabbage juice is known to be great for your skin, hair, and nails, as well as a great digestive aid in reducing stomach acid and protecting the lining of the stomach. Like all vegetables, cabbage juice has great anti-inflammatory properties.

Based on my experience of juicing cabbage for many years, I’ve come to notice that different varieties of cabbage taste differently (some stronger than others), and when juicing cabbage it’s always best to keep the juice recipes as simple as possible (the less ingredients the better as to not cause gas or bloating).

Different types of cabbage and how they taste differently

Not all cabbage taste the same, especially when you juice them.

Here I have 3 different examples of cabbage: Curly Cabbage/Chinese Cabbage, White Cabbage, and Purple Cabbage.

Out of the three examples, Chinese Cabbage (curly cabbage) has the lightest, most subtle taste, White Cabbage has medium to strong taste, and Purple Cabbage has the strongest and sometimes even a spicy taste.

Best ways to juice cabbage

If you aren’t used to juicing cabbage, I recommend starting with Chinese Cabbage (curly cabbage) because it doesn’t have a strong in taste like other cabbages. If you were to use White or Purple Cabbage, I would recommend using half the amount of cabbage a juice recipe calls for because the juice from these cabbages can be quite over-powering.

I find it’s always best to make simple juices using cabbage, and out of all fruits and vegetables, cabbage is best juiced with carrots and apples (I’ve included a yummy recipe below).

Juice Recipe: Cabbage – Red Bell Pepper – Carrot 

(makes approximately 3 cups / 750mL)

1/2 Chinese Cabbage
2 x-large Carrots
1 Red Bell Pepper (Red Capsicum)
1 Apple

Using a juicer, juice all the ingredients.

* Do taste your juice before cleaning the juicer. If the cabbage juice is too strong, juice an additional red bell pepper or apple, and if the juice is too sweet, juice more cabbage!

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