Should You Do A Cleanse?

Do you need to do a cleanse?

I am a firm believer that our bodies are designed to handle the day to day toxins we are exposed from our food, water, and environment. We have a liver, gallbladder, kidneys, pancreas, and various bodily systems to safeguard us from the toxins entering our bodies. But, as much as our bodies are capable of handling and eliminating these toxins, our modern lifestyle is standing in our way, making it difficult for our bodies to function as it should.

In today’s world many of us are not getting enough sleep, we’re chronically dehydrated, relying on coffee and caffeine to get through the day, addicted to fast food and sugar, over-worked, over-stressed, over-eating, drinking too much alcohol, not moving around as much as we know we should, and spending too much time indoors, sitting in front of computer and tv screens.

Many of our habits and lifestyle choices aren’t always doing us any favours! It’s not that our bodies can’t take care of itself, it certainly can, but unfortunately we’re not always providing our bodies with what it really needs to function at it’s best.

Sometimes we just need to stop, take a break from the caffeine, sugar, and rich food, and get some rest, rehydrate ourselves, and let our digestive system catch-up with itself.

If you have chronic health issues such as heart burn, indigestion, constipation, stomach bloating, gas, acne, rashes, dermatitis, weight gain, inflammation, water retention, puffiness, aches and pains, lack of energy, depression, anxiety, mood swings, hormone imbalance, insomnia, fatigue, inability to concentrate, etc., –  chances are you’d definitely benefit from doing a cleanse!

How I see it, doing a cleanse is giving yourself a good break from bad habits and a less than perfect lifestyle. Sometimes you just need to take a step back, press the “reset button,” and start afresh. Sometimes you get yourself in too deep, the only way out is to start over.

If you’ve been following my blog over the years, you know I’m quite a purist when it comes down to doing a cleanse. I love juice fasting because it’s so gentle on the body. You’re pretty much flooding your body with liquid nutrition that is easily digestible and absorbable, while at the same time you are rehydrating your cells and tissues, giving your digestive system a well needed break, recalibrating your taste buds, reducing your appetite, and allowing your body to function as it should.

Juice fasting brings everything back to a healthy balance, giving anyone who relies on coffee or sugar a well needed break from the stimulation. You start having real restorative sleep again, and just imagine what life starts feeling like once you’re truly rested, rehydrated, feeding your body a full array of nutrients, and not taxing it with fast food, junk food, and alcohol.

So yes, you would benefit from doing a cleanse!

I have to say, after all these years, I still stand by Juice Fasting as my number one cleanse of choice.

For those that can’t do a Juice Fast, you can always do a modified version of a Juice Fast where you’re drinking green juices everyday and eating healthy food as well. Not everyone can do juice fasting and that’s ok!

What’s most important is taking time out at least once a year to focus on doing something super healthy for yourself and restoring your body back to balance. This can include doing a Juice Fast, or doing some other “cleanse” like a caffeine-free week, or a sugar-free week, or one week on a Raw Food Diet,  or eating whole foods for an entire week. Everyone can benefit from this, and in fact in this day and age, I believe everyone should be doing this!

For more on why I believe everyone could benefit from a cleanse, watch today’s video below.

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