Making A Living Online – Your Questions Answered


I love all the questions I’ve received about making a living online, I have to say I wasn’t expecting so many! Your emails are really inspiring, I could feel such great energy and enthusiasm. Thank you for taking the time to send me your questions and comments.

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So let’s get into your questions about making a living online:

(I have copied your questions in bold, and under each question is my answer). Do watch today’s video as well because I answer a few other questions more in depth.


Do you think it is possible to have a successful online business based on a blog (not about healthy nutrition) without any products to be sold?

You can definitely build a successful blog (and on any subject or niche, not just healthy nutrition), but if you want to make an income, something has to be sold!

It’s much easier to make an income from selling your own products and services, but some do well through affiliate sales where they sell other people’s products and get a commission.

The one thing I wouldn’t rely on for an income is ads whether you place Google ads on your website or sell ad space. Unless you have massive traffic on your website, it’s difficult to make a significant income from these ads, and the problem with ads is once someone clicks on them, they leave your website (which defeats the purpose of having a website!)


I  had a question about income. I would love to be able to do this full time but I would need to replace my income of @$4000 a month first. I was hoping to do this before the end of next year (June – I’m a teacher). In your experience, do you think this would be possible?

Yes, it’s definitely possible! You’ll have to get started now to get your website up, build content on the website, and generate a subscriber list. The sooner you do this, the better, so that by the time you finish your job in a year, you’ll already have an audience, a running blog, and preferably selling products or services.

There are many people who have built successful side businesses on the internet while they had a full time job. Definitely doable, but you’ll have to put the work in!


My question is about starting a dietary overhaul at  age 50. I believe  if I can connect with people around this  point of  life, blogging , ebooks, and  YouTube  would be  very beneficial .  If  you have a  thought on this I would appreciate  your  opinion .

I think that’s a great idea! I would recommend narrowing down your niche even more.  A “diet overhaul for 50 year olds” is still quite broad. Examples of a narrower niche would be “diet overhaul for 50 year old male entrepreneurs” or “diet overhaul for 50 year old diabetics” or “diet overhaul for 50 year old house wives” or “plant-based diet overhaul for 50 year old fast food addicts”, etc.

When you have a very specific niche, your target market will be able to find you. When your target market arrives at your website they will know immediately that they’ve arrived at the right place, they’ll want to look around and be interested in what you have to offer. You’ll stand out!


I was just wondering your thoughts on Fred and Kevin’s course and if you think it could be applied to a career change in other fields besides natural health.

Their course is an internet marketing course which can be applied to other fields and niches, not just natural health. The course is for those who want to set up blogs and websites that generates a subscriber list, sells information products or physical products, and uses email marketing. As long as the business you want to start is internet-based and you plan to use email marketing, then you would definitely benefit from their course.


The course you endorsed seems like what I need but the money is not available right now to invest.  Will the coupon code be valid passed this date for another session/course?

The coupon code is only good for this summer course. Frederic and Kevin offer the course once a year, so we’ll see if we can set up another great discount next-time they hold the course (and I’ll make sure to let everyone know more in advance when the next course starts!)


My area of interest is not necessarily health, although it might touch on it a bit.  I was thinking more in the ways of traditional ways of food preparation (canning, curing, fermenting, cheese-making, baking bread, etc.) with a connection to health benefits in the process.  Do you think that the course would be beneficial even if my subject of interest is not strictly health directly.  My hope would be that it’s the basic how-to structure and that the “product” is interchangeable.

Yes, Fred’s course would definitely be beneficial for you. Students who join their course are authors, chefs, teachers, coaches, personal trainers, natural health practitioners, yoga instructors, etc., and they are all taking the course to learn how to make a website/blog and use the internet to market, promote, and sell their products and services.  I think this course would be a great fit for you, especially because Frederic has written recipe books himself and has a lot of experience with that.


Can you give concrete $ amounts of how much can be made.  Not what you make, but generic info.  Like 100 hits on site pays this, or an item purchased through your site pays that commission, or an ebook with 500 sales generates $.  Every time I see videos about this people say they get some money through Youtube, though not a lot, but can’t explain how it’s calculated nor the formula.

I can’t really give you a formula or concrete number as to how much money someone can make in relation to clicks and web traffic, but what I can say is the more subscribers you have and the more you build a relationship with your subscribers, the more opportunity you will have to generate an income.

Someone can have massive traffic on their site, but if the visitors are only spending 15 seconds on the website and then moving on, it means nothing. Whereas someone else can have small traffic on their website, but majority of the people who come to the website love the content, spend time reading it, and return to the website frequently – that audience is more likely to purchase something.

As for revenue from ads (like ads on YouTube), that’s calculated through Google Adsense. Majority of blogs/websites make very little from those ads. The ones that do make a substantial revenue from the ads have a massive following and website traffic which can take years to build. In my opinion, you would make a lot more money (and faster), if you sell your own products or services. Also, one thing to remember, with any of those ads, you’re pretty much being paid pennies to direct people off your website, and the purpose of a website is to keep people on it, reading it and enjoying your content, not directing them somewhere else!

As for affiliate revenue, yes you can make an income selling other people’s products. Commission rates vary substantially from 2%-75% (or more).


What is your recommended quantity of exposure suggested to keep your following interested without you becoming spam in the inbox?  Once a week for blog, one email newsletter a week, etc.

I subscribe to many websites and blogs, some send out daily emails, others weekly, and others monthly. If I like the website/blog, the frequency of emails doesn’t bother me, and in fact I would rather hear from them more frequently than less. If I no longer wish to receive their emails, then I always have the option to unsubscribe.

That being said, don’t worry about being spam. I would recommend communicating with your subscribers as frequently as possible (at least once or twice a week minimum).


Is there value-added in adding other media sites (Facebook, Instagram, etc.).  Should that all be launched at once or progressively as the need arises?  Cause I think maybe starting a site/blog could be doable but keeping up with all at once seems overwhelming (I have a fulltime job so this would be an addition to my schedule).

Definitely start first with the getting your website/blog up, and writing regular blog posts/articles for it. You can then open social media accounts to promote those blog articles. Later when you have more time, or you see you like posting on a certain social media site, then direct more time and energy into it, but your website/blog should always be the first priority.


I was wondering how big your list of subscribers is?, as I know that this is something that Fred put’s a lot of importance on.  

I built a list of about 35 000 subscribers (Raw Radiant Health & Radiance Central combined). Over the last year I’ve been working on reducing the list mainly because it costs about $500/month for an autoresponder to store that email list, which is a huge expense. When you have a list that big, many times the emails get filtered as spam, so you’re paying a lot of money to store your subscriber list, but your subscribers aren’t even receiving your emails! The only solution I have found is to remove anyone from the list that hasn’t opened an email from me in the past 6-12 months, and I’ve been able to reduce the list to 20 000 subscribers, which is half the cost, and it gives me a better idea as to how many people are actually receiving communication from me.


Also in terms of the training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition how was that? And how many clients do you see each week and your rates? .  Does that make up the majority of you income ? or is your juice fasting programmes your main source? I guess for me I am interested in the potential that working online has for reaching a bigger amount of people in terms of supporting more people to make healthy living lifestyle choices.

I generate an income from coaching and my online programs like the 7 Day Juice Fasting Program, Raw Food Challenge, Whole Food Challenge, etc. Some months I get more of my income from coaching, other months, more from my online programs. I find the more products and services I have to offer, the more financial stability I have.

As for my coaching practise, I won’t schedule more than two coaching clients a day, maximum. I don’t want a full time coaching practice. I prefer quality over quantity, and by working with less people, I find I can give more. Majority of my coaching clients are longterm clients and we do a combination of diet and life coaching. You can see my coaching rates here.


How do I start without any income.

Start with making a website/blog! You can find free website/blog templates and information online on how to build your own website. Then start writing blog articles to build an audience and following.

In the beginning, time is more of an asset than money, and if you have the time to put a website together and create content for it, you can do something great! In the beginning it’s all about sharing your knowledge and expertise with others, getting people to subscribe to your website/newsletter, and connecting with your audience.

As you build content on your website, you can then create something to sell. Building a website, connecting with an audience, and making information products or services doesn’t require much money – just time, effort, drive, and passion!


How do I write compelling headlines for the blogs and what should I write in the text body of those blogs to spark interest in my readers?

The more you read, the better. The more you write, the better. I do believe practise makes perfect!

Take notice in headlines used in other blogs, websites, newspapers, magazines, books, etc. Even looking at book titles on can give you some good ideas for headlines.

As for what to write about, well I believe many readers want to read about things that will benefit them, that they can relate to, and that can help them. So when you are writing, ask yourself: How will this article benefit my readers? What will my readers take away? How is this useful? What else can I share or give?


Do you think Institute for Integrative Nutrition is the best nutrition course out there? Why did you choose to do this specific course?

I loved the Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s course, mainly because it not only taught me about nutrition, but it also trained me to be a coach. The course is extremely practical, and a wealth of information, and it ensures its graduates are not only educated about nutrition but know how to set up a coaching practise, and have the tools and techniques to be an effective coach.


You’re not living in the USA – is that a problem for you at all in terms of getting clients etc. – or people don’t mind at all, that you’re working with them remotely/online? 🙂

I could honestly say that I’d probably have more opportunities if I was in the USA, or back in Canada compared to being in Southeast Asia. In general I think people are more comfortable buying products and services from someone in their own country compared to across the world. But at the same time, my website and blog have been around for years, I’ve been offering coaching and online programs for a long time, and my audience and regular customers know I’m not going to just vanish.

What also works in my favour is the video blogging and that I post articles and videos regularly. Anyone that has been following my blog after a while definitely gets to know me, and it’s a great way to build a rapport and trust.

So to answer your question, yes I probably would have more opportunities if I were living in North America, but I have found ways to still build a business being on the other side of the world.


I have a few questions regarding the Frederic and Kevin course.

Is there a time duration to the course?

Does one get access to all the modules at once?

The course lasts four weeks (starting February 8, 2016). During those 4 weeks there are 4 live events.

You get access to the first 7 modules immediately. Then they post 7 modules every Monday (otherwise, people get overwhelmed).


What’s in the course??? One month only?? Seems short and pricey for a month only- Please give us more details on the course…;) I am still interested.

Frederic and Kevin’s course How To Succeed With Your Alternative Health Business is an online course teaching how to build a profitable online business and internet marketing. The course is one month, and packed with great information. I’ve taken the course twice, and I wouldn’t have the business I have today without it. For what they are offering, it’s not pricey at all, it’s offering exactly what you need to build a profitable online business, and do what you love.


Do you rent or if you bought your place? Are there other expats where you live? Do you work with english speaking people where you live or are you mostly online?

We rent our place, but hope one day to buy land and build a home. My husband has family land on another island and he built a home where his mother lives.

I don’t work with clients or customers here, I just have the online business!


I’ve been on the fence about making the commitment to Institute for Integrative Nutrition, can you do a video about your experience, and how it has helped you get to where you are today? Also, what advice do you have for someone like myself considering starting a health coaching business?

In today’s video (below) I answer your question about Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I loved the course and it set me up with the necessary tools to be a coach.

I also recommend to anyone who’s thinking about becoming a coach, to not only study and gain knowledge in your respective field, but also work on strengthening listening skills and skills of asking questions. These are two of the most important assets a coach can have and offer their clients, and I believe this is what can set one coach apart from the rest. In today’s world people aren’t being heard, and having one person who is actually listening to them, giving them the space to express themselves, and having a dialogue with them – can not only be effective and beneficial, but transformative and healing as well.


I would like to know about multiple income streams and if your YouTube monetizing provides you with just a small stream of extra income or if it’s decent. I have heard that you have to have a vast number of subscribers and hits for each video to have it be meaningful.

Youtube monetizing doesn’t offer that much money and they’re pretty much paying you to send your audience somewhere else! If you want to make money on the internet, the best way is through making and selling information products (ebooks, programs, courses, etc.) or offering a service.

You could also make money as an affiliate, where you recommend other people’s products or services and make a commission from that. But like Google Adsense and YouTube monetizing, you need a substantial following or list to make enough sales to collect a decent commission.


Best most effective way on the web to get clients is what??? Blog- Facebook-Twitter-pintrist????

I would say start with a blog, and then use social media to direct people to your blog. If you love a certain social media site like Facebook or Pinterest, then definitely dive into it and do something with it. Whatever social media you focus on, you must enjoy using it in order for it to be effective. For me, it’s always been YouTube, but recently I joined Instagram and I’m enjoying connecting with other through photos and images.

For more answers to your questions, watch today’s video – I talk about my income, and answer questions about Frederic Patenaude & Kevin Gianni’s course How To Succeed With Your Alternative Health Business, and I answer some questions about Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Frederic Patenaude & Kevin Gianni’s course How To Succeed With Your Alternative Health Business starts February 8, 2016. Use the coupon code: NATASHA to get a $100 discount on the course (coupon code expires January 31, 2016, so use it before then).

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