Don’t Eat The Pulp From The Juicer!


Don’t make food out of the pulp from the juicer!

One thing that comes up a lot when I’m hosting the live Juice Fasting Programs is what to do with all that pulp that comes out of the juicer? People feel guilty throwing it away. I know I used to! In fact, I used to feel so bad I came up with ways of making food with the pulp so I didn’t “waste” it.

Over time I’ve come to realize that the pulp from the juicer has very little nutritional value. When you put vegetables, greens, and fruits through a juicer, the juicer extracts the nutrition and liquids from the vegetables and fruit, and separates it from the fiber. The juice has all the nutrients (all the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, amino acids, phyto nutrients, etc.), and the pulp is mostly just fiber.

If you were to make food out of that pulp (like make breads, crackers, veggie burgers, soup stock, dips, etc.), you’re pretty making food using an ingredient that’s already had all the nutrition stripped from it!  You’re much better off making those same exact foods out of fresh vegetables than using any of that pulp from the juicer.

How I see it is if you don’t discard the pulp from the juicer, your body will! Fiber doesn’t get absorbed by the body, it travels through the body to eventually be eliminated (through your poop!). So if you are afraid you are wasting food by throwing out the pulp from the juicer, if you eat it, it will end up in your toilet anyway!

You also don’t want to be eating food that is void of nutrition, and in my eyes, that pulp from the juicer has very little nutrition once the juice has been extracted from it. I know for myself, the calories I eat count, and therefore whatever I eat I want it to be full of nutrition, I don’t want to be eating something that has had all the good stuff taken out and I’m just eating it out guilt.

The best use of that pulp is compost! The pulp from the juicer is great for compost (and eventually you can feed that compost to your soil and plants and have a very healthy happy garden). If you don’t have a compost, donate it to someone who does, or even see if a plant nursery wants it.

Watch today’s video below for more on why I don’t think anyone should make food out of the juicer pulp!

2 thoughts on “Don’t Eat The Pulp From The Juicer!

  1. Thank You. I just made some green juice, and I was wondering about throwing out the fiber. I had the same inclination to believe that it was just waste, but I noticed so many other people eating it, so I thought that I would look it up.

  2. not true at all. the fiber containes flavinoids that are the real bebefits of juicing. the whole fruit is the best way to juice. It really is a common sense answer. why would you separatebthe fruit from the pulp? they are a matched pair. the enzymes help break down the surgars in the fruit. the enzyme slow down the break down of the surgery effect of the fruit and vegetables. by removng the pulp you are drinking far more volumes of surgar related juice than normal. where as eating one apple, three stalks of celery and a beet, thats a meal and will satisfy you for hours. do not throw out the pulp.

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