What Are You Telling Yourself?


How what you’re telling yourself could be affecting you

Yesterday’s blog post I talked about using juice fasting for weight loss. In the video I made for the article, I talked about how there’s some people that say if you do a Juice Fast you’ll gain all the weight back and more. What I have seen and experienced countless times is the exact opposite! Not only have I seen people lose weight while juice fasting, but they have also continued to lose weight once the juice fast was done, and kept the weight off!

I believe the one big reason why people do gain weight after juice fasting is because someone told them they will, or they heard some else’s terrible experience and took it on as their own.

Over the past 6 years I’ve been hosting monthly online Juice Fasts and I regularly hear people’s fears of gaining back the weight they lost. I love sharing the victorious experiences of those that have not only lost weight with juice fasting, but continued to lose weight once the Juice Fast was over. I love sharing these experiences because it offers a fresh perspective and empowerment. It not only changes one’s expectations and attitude, but I have seen over and over again it has also changed people’s results as well.

I do believe we decide how things are going to turn out. We decided before we even do anything! If you tell yourself you are going to gain weight after a Juice Fast, you probably will!

Recently a coaching client asked me how I met my husband, and if I did anything to be more receptive to meeting my life partner (great question!). The answer is YES! For years before I met my husband I was constantly telling myself the stories of my past heart break and living in the narrative of relationships gone sour. These stories were like a bad broken record that I was telling myself over and over again, day and night. I was also holding onto a firm grudge as well. No wonder I was constantly getting my heart broken and never meeting “Mr. Right!” It was only until I explored what exactly I was telling myself and what stories I was holding onto. The moment I let go of the grudge, and stopped telling myself the stories of my heart break, then the doors started opening up and I became naturally more receptive to meeting a truly wonderful man.

Our thoughts and words are powerful. So are the messages and words we pick up from those around us.

At the end of the day, you pick and choose what you want to believe and how you want to live. If you want to achieve all that you set out to do, start with exploring what you are telling yourself,  what you are listening to, and what you have chosen to be your “truth.” Sometimes the stories, concepts, and ideas we are firmly holding onto are the very things that are holding us back!

For more on how your beliefs, ideas, and dialogue could be standing in the way of your success, watch today’s video below!