Juice Fasting For Weight Loss


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Juice Fasting For Weight Loss

Let’s talk about juice fasting for weight loss!

As a health and diet coach I’ve worked with a lot of people incorporating juice fasting into their weight loss plan. It works, in fact losing weight on a Juice Fast is incredibly easy, but you have to do it correctly so you lose weight and keep it off.

I’ve worked with so many people who have not only lost a lot of weight while juice fasting, but have also continued to lose weight after the fast was done, and kept it off for good. What’s most important is the part about “continuing to lose weight after the fast is done.” Too many people rely just on the juice fast for losing weight, and overlook what happens after, and if you have a good strategy, the after part is where the magic really happens!

Using the Juice Fasting wisely

Juice fasting has so many benefits, beside just the actual weight loss. Usually by the second or third day of a Juice Fast, you will feel light, calmer, clearer, your skin will glow, your belly will flatten, and any puffiness and water-retention starts fading away. You feel absolutely fabulous, and with that comes a renewed sense of motivation, inspiration, and empowerment. I have to say this is what I love most about Juice Fasting! And, this is what you need to tap into to keep you on track once the Juice Fast is over.

When you feel great, there’s nothing that is going to stand in your way, and you are going to do whatever you can to to continue to feel that  great, right? So while you are doing the Juice Fast, this is the time to come up with a plan, to tap into that strong determination to continue losing weight, and to figure out what are the things you need to do to get the results you want, and keep you on track.

Two important benefits from Juice Fasting

The two most important benefits of Juice Fasting that will help you continue to lose weight after the Juice Fast is completed is the decrease in appetite, and re-setting of your taste buds.

Most people gain weight because they eat too much, and they eat too much of the wrong things. Juice fasting will shrink your stomach so that you physically don’t feel good eating too much food. Juice fasting also gives you a break from super sweet, salty, and overly processed foods, so you can enjoy the taste and flavor of healthy foods again.

Knowing this now, before you start the Juice Fast will help guide you when you are breaking the fast and introducing solid food back into your diet. You don’t want to return to your previous diet and the amounts of food you once were eating, because that’s how you gained the weight to begin with.

Make a weight loss plan while you are on the Juice Fast, not after

While you are on the Juice Fast, losing weight, and feeling great, this is the perfect time to come up with a strong weight loss strategy for when you complete the Juice Fast.

Start with asking yourself:

Once you have completed the Juice Fast:

  • What foods are you willing to cut out of your diet?
  • What foods are you willing to reduce, or have occasionally?
  • How are you going to make your meals healthier?
  • Are you going to start exercising more regularly? If so, what are you going to do, when, where, and how often?
  • How are you going to keep yourself motivated?
  • How do you plan to manage stress in a healthy and balanced way?
  • How will you handle any food cravings that might come up?
  • What can you do besides eating?

Learn to do other things besides eating!

I suggest writing a list of all the non-food, non-eating activities you like to do that make you feel good (and do them as often as possible). Examples of non-food, non-eating activities include: taking a hot bath, journaling, reading an inspiring novel, watching a movie, going to listen to live music, visiting a museum, taking a yoga class, learning a new language, talking on the phone with your best friend, window shopping, playing a sport,  getting a hair cut, hiking, walking your dog, playing with your children, making art, going for a massage, spending time outdoors, etc. The more activities you do that are fun, creative, release stress and tension, and have nothing to do with food, eating, and diet, the better!

The beauty of juice fasting is you can’t eat. You are taking a temporary break from food, and therefore you have to find other ways to entertain and take care of yourself without eating! For many of us, that’s actually a good thing (I know for myself I have a tendency to eat out of habit or boredom, not necessarily because I’m always hungry!).

You might notice that during the Juice Fast it may be the very first time in your life that you feel real physical hunger, and how satisfying it is to drink juice to relieve that hunger and get fuel. You may even come to appreciate that sensation and how important food is. Using this knowledge and experience, it’s important to continue connecting to your bodily cues, your appetite, hunger, and when you really need food, and when you are physically full.

What do you believe to be true?

Lastly, I want to remind you that what you tell yourself goes a long way. You definitely can lose weight on the Juice Fast, and you certainly can continue to lose even more weight once you’ve finished the Juice Fast as well! You create your reality, you decide!

Watch today’s video below for more on juice fasting and weight loss.