NEW Juice Fasting Program!


The NEW 7 Day Juice Fasting Program

I am so excited to announce the brand new 7 Day Juice Fasting Program!

I realized when I was putting this new program together, I’ve been hosting online Juice Fasting Programs since 2009!! That’s 6 years of hosting monthly juice fasting groups! I have to say after all these years of guiding and supporting thousands of juice fasters, I’m still in love with juice fasting, and I’m still wowed by everyone’s transformations and breakthroughs.

The 7 Day Juice Fasting Program is a live, online, 7 day program. It will start Wednesday, July 8, 2015. The program is seven days total, and it includes a 5 Day Juice Fast, and 2 One-Day Transition Diet Days (one day before the fast, and another day after the fast).

The 7 Day Juice Fasting Program includes:

  • 50 page eBook that includes Juice Fasting Guidelines, Instructions, 50 Juice Recipes, Transition Diet Menus, Transition Diet Recipes, Shopping List, FAQs, etc. When you purchase the Program, you can download the eBook immediately!
  • 7 Juice Fasting Videos (one for each day of the Juice Fasting Program). Each video is 20-40 minutes long, and are made to guide you through the entire 7 Day Juice Fasting Program. The day before the live 7 Day Juice Fasting Program begins (July 7, 2015), you will receive an email with the links to download the videos to your computer or mobile device. The videos are yours to keep!
  • Juice Fasting Facebook Group  You will also have a permanent membership to the Juice Fasting Facebook Group.  When you purchase the program, you’ll receive an email with the link and instructions to join the Facebook Group. Only participants of the 7 Day Juice Fasting Program have access to this group.
  • Support from Natasha! One week every month I will host an official live 7 Day Juice Fasting Program. I will log-on to the Juice Fasting  Facebook Group daily for that one week to offer additional support and answer any question relating to the Juice Fast. The first live 7 Day Juice Fasting Program will start July 8, 2015.
  • Purchase the program once, and you can join as many live Juice Fasting Programs as you like!

For more information and to sign-up for the 7 Day Juice Fasting Program starting July 8, 2015–> CLICK HERE!