How I’ve Changed Since Becoming A New Mother

How my approach towards my health, life, and goals has changed since becoming a new mother

As you know, I’m getting ready to launch the brand new 7 Day Juice Fasting Program (just waiting on my web programmer to finish a few last details, it should be ready soon!!). My husband Gede just finished doing the 7 Day Juice Fasting Program, and it was really inspiring to watch him do it, and seeing him transform in front of my very eyes!!

Gede loves juice fasting, and for him, he especially likes it for weight loss. Over the past few months he’s been watching me juicing, writing, filming, and putting together the new 7 Day Juice Fasting Program. He kept saying he wanted to do the juice fast, but work-wise, the timing was never good.

Recently, he had a little break in between landscaping projects, so he decided to jump in and do the juice fast. His goal is not only to lose weight, but to get 6-pack-abs! So along with juice fasting, he was also getting up at 5am to run on the beach, at night he would do mat exercise at home, and during his free time he would watch every video he could find on YouTube of other guys with 6 pack abs. Let’s just say he’s quite passionate about his goals, and it actually reminded me of myself, before I had a baby.

When people say your life changes overnight when you have a baby, there’s no denying it. It’s 150 000% true! Not only did my life change, but I changed as well.

I only realized just how much I’ve changed when I was watching Gede on his 6-pack-abs-juice-fasting-mission. I used to be as intense about my goals as him. After having a baby, I still have big goals, dreams, and things I aspire to do and accomplish, but I go about them completely differently.

I realized as I became a mother to my daughter, I naturally became more of a mother to myself as well. I think this is a natural progression into motherhood. It’s not something I’ve consciously done, it just kind of happened.

I have to say there’s a part of me that is quite envious of my husband’s burning intensity, but at the same time I appreciate this softer side of myself. I’ve become much more accepting and nurturing to myself, more so than ever before.

With that I have found that my focus has changed as well. I’m much more into self-care and preserving myself, as opposed to controlling or changing myself. I don’t know if this is something that just comes with age (I’m turning 40 soon!!), or that I’m still nursing my daughter and I can sometimes feel quite depleted, or it’s a result of having less time for myself, that the time I do have, becomes precious and I want to make the most of it.

Either way, since having a baby, I want to take care of myself more so than ever, and the mundane things that I used to take for granted (like taking a hot bath or brushing my teeth), have become treasured “self-care rituals.”

This seems like an ever changing journey. It will be interesting to see how things evolve once my daughter Luna Ray is no longer nursing, more independent, and my role and responsibilities as a mother changes. In the meantime, I’m loving every step of the way!

If you are a new mom, I’d love to hear how your life has changed since having a baby/child, and if you’ve noticed any unexpected changes in yourself? (post in the comments section below!).

For more on how I’ve changed since becoming a new mother, watch today’s video below!

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