Summer Weight Loss Strategy

A Summer Weight Loss Strategy

Summer time is the ultimate time of year to get extra active and lose weight.

As a diet coach, what I see people struggling the most with when they’re trying to lose weight is not having a clear strategy, and overly complicating things!

Based on my experience, the simpler the strategy is, the better!

How many times have you made a goal, and it being too much, too intense, too overwhelming, and completely short-lived?

If you are trying to lose weight, I have a suggestion for you to do over the summer:

At the beginning of each month:

  • Choose one healthy thing you are going to do more of – this can be riding your bike every day, walking to work, eating a salad every day, drinking more water, making your own lunches,  joining a group fitness class, etc.
  • Choose one unhealthy thing you are going to cut down on, or eliminate – this can be not eating dessert at night, cutting your dinner portions in half, not eating late at night, taking a break from alcohol, cutting out cookies, etc.

This is simple, I know! It’s meant to be simple, so you can actually follow through. You don’t have to think too much, nor do you have to plan too much either. You just have to choose two simple guidelines to follow every month!

After completing a full month of taking one unhealthy thing out, and adding one healthy thing in, you can then move on a choose something else to take out, and add in, and focus on that the following month.

If you do this over the entire summer, I assure you by the end of the summer, not only will you lose weight (and keep it off while you are losing), but step by step you’ll improve your lifestyle and change your habits. This is a much funner and easier way to lose weight!

For more on this simple summer weight loss strategy, watch today’s video below!

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