First Step To Organizing Your Healthy Diet & Lifestyle

Need help getting organized?

Recently I was asked, “how to get organized?” This is a big question, and it got me thinking about what I do when I start feeling disorganized.

I know for myself and for many of the coaching clients I work with, when our living environments are a mess, it’s really hard to make clear decisions, stay motivated, and feel on top of our goals.

When everything is in order, put away, and cleaned up – you can think clearer, there is much less overwhelm, you know what needs to get done, you feel more in control. In many ways just being in a clean environment can be incredibly inspiring, energizing, and can even spark increased optimism and creativity.

With that being said, if you are feeling not particularly organized, or always struggling with trying to get organized, take a look at your living environment. Is everything in your home organized, put away, and clean? Do you have stacks of things everywhere, closets full of stuff that you’ve been meaning to go through, but never do? Does the dishes in your kitchen continually pile-up and are left for the next day?

You might feel overwhelmed and disorganized, especially with reaching your goals, and never connect your living environment to your lack of organization. And a lot of times this is exactly where you need to start, so you can strengthen your foundation, and build upon it.

How to get organized with your diet:

If you have diet or weight loss goals and you feel completely disorganized, you keep putting it off, and you feel like you aren’t getting anywhere, I suggest taking a good honest look at your kitchen. Is your kitchen clean? What about your fridge and pantry, is everything fresh and put away? Do you clean your dishes right away or do you have a tendency to let them pile up? Does your kitchen really feel like a place you want to cook in, and make healthy food?

If your kitchen is cluttered, full of dirty dishes, and nothing is organized and put away- it’s really hard to make healthy diet choices! I know if my kitchen is full of dirty dishes and has no fresh food, I’m not particularly inspired to eat something healthy or put together a healthy meal. In that situation, I’d much rather turn around, close the door, and eat out!

So if you are struggling with your diet, whether it’s struggling with organizing your meals, or struggling to stay motivated, or just having a hard time sticking to it– take a look at your kitchen and how it’s organized.

Ask yourself:

  • Does your kitchen inspire you to eat healthy?
  • Is everything put away?
  • Does healthy food appear appetizing in your kitchen?
  • Do you have enough room in your kitchen to prepare healthy food?
  • Do you have somewhere clean to sit and eat? (that doesn’t have stack of papers, bills, or books on the table top)
  • Is your kitchen the way you want it to be?

If you answer “no” to any of these questions, this might be what is standing in your way of eating healthy. Having a clean and welcoming kitchen is the foundation to a clean, healthy diet!

One thing I do every night that is the key to my healthy eating success: I never go to sleep at night without making sure the kitchen is clean for the next morning. No matter how late it is, or how tired I am, I always clean the dishes and kitchen before going to sleep. There’s nothing better than starting the day with a clean and tidy kitchen. It not only makes my mornings easier and more manageable, as I start the day, I automatically feel more organized and ontop of everything.

Your living environment could be the one thing that is overwhelming you the most!

Not only is the kitchen important to keep clean, but your whole house or apartment too! After getting started on the kitchen, I would then suggest cleaning out your bedroom and bathroom.

There’s nothing worse than waking up every day with a bedroom full of clutter, clothes everywhere, and stuff piled up. How stressful! Many times we could be living that way for years, we get used to it, but I’ll tell you, that stuff become visual stress, and feeds into overwhelm and a heavy feeling of disorganization.

If you want to feel more on top of your goals and your life, have a clean bedroom. Make your bed every morning, go to sleep at night in clean sheets, don’t allow clutter in the bedroom, make it the one place in your home where you can truly feel at peace. This will influence not only your mood, but allow you to have better sleep, and start the day with increased sense of calm, clarity, and even enthusiasm.

If you want to be taking better care of yourself, I also suggest having a clean bathroom. Your bathroom is your room of self care, it’s where you bathe. If it’s clean and tidy, you’ll automatically be more inspired to make an extra effort in taking better care of yourself.

Not everything needs to be done in a day!

If what’s holding you back from cleaning up your home and going through the clutter is a feeling of overwhelm, and a feeling like there’s just too much – it doesn’t all need to be done in a day!

For some reason many people feel like if they’re going to start, it needs to be finished, immediately! And if they can’t foresee themselves finishing it that day, they put it off, and ultimately, it never gets done.

Why not get started now? Focus on one room or one closet at a time? Go at a manageable pace, perhaps clean out one room a month, and while you are cleaning it out, make it a point to keep that one room consistently clean.

You’re much better off focusing on that one room, than no room!

Plus, once you get started, and start feeling and experiencing what it’s like to get rid of the things you don’t need and that are taking up space, it’s liberating, and it’ll definitely inspire you to continue.

And as you are cleaning things out, you will automatically start feeling more organized and much more in control of your life as well.

More on how to get organized and cleaning out your living environment, watch today’s video below!

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