Why Do I Take The Fiber Out Of My Green Juices?

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We’ve started this month’s Healthy Habits Challenge of drinking green juice every day for the entire month of May! I’m loving this Challenge. So far, so good!

My last blog post, I did a video showing how to make a green juice with a blender and a strainer instead of a juicer. I know not everyone has a juicer, and I want everyone to be able to join this month’s Healthy Habits Challenge. Since making the video demo, I’ve received quite a few questions here and on YouTube asking me why remove fiber from green juice? Many have asked why I don’t just leave it in, some even asked why I would take it out, don’t we need the fiber?

Why remove fiber from green juice?

Let’s first explore the difference between a green juice (without the fiber) and a blended drink, like a green smoothie (with the fiber). Besides the pulp being removed, if you were to compare them ounce per ounce, the green juice would be made from more vegetables, greens, and fruits, than the green smoothie, and therefore have much more nutrition (quantity-wise, the fiber in a green smoothie bulks it up). You’d also be able to drink more of the green juice because it doesn’t have any fiber, and you wouldn’t feel as full like you would drinking a green smoothie.

So content wise, a green juice has more nutrients than a green smoothie, but a green smoothie will fill you up more, and for much longer.

How I see it, since you can’t fill up on a green juice as easily as a green smoothie, a green smoothie is more like a nutritious meal, and a green juice is more like a fresh, concentrated supplement, containing a substantial amount of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes, etc.

We know that all nutrients found in food are much more bio-absorbable than any pill supplement you buy at a health food store or chemist/pharmacy. Personally I want to fill up on as much nutrition as possible, and I want it from my fresh food.

Removing the fiber isn’t always bad

People always get nervous when I talk about removing fiber. Yes, fiber is a good thing, but you don’t necessarily need it in all your food, and sometimes by removing it, it makes it easier for your body to digest and absorb the nutrition.

For anyone who is sick or has a weak digestive system, drinking juice without the fiber is optimal because their body doesn’t have to spend it’s energy breaking down the fiber and extracting the nutrition, the juicer or the blender/strainer does that for them!

I see juice without the fiber as easily absorbable liquid nutrition. The body doesn’t have to spend so much energy on digestion, and it gets a full array of easily absorbable nutrients, which can very well help to build anyone’s nutritional reserves. This is good for everyone, sick people and healthy people!

So is green juices better than green smoothies?

They’re so different, I don’t think you can even compare the two. What you need to do is recognize the difference, and choose according to what your body and lifestyle needs. Green smoothies are great as a healthy meal, and green juices are more like a concentrated supplement, providing your body with a nutritional boost, and building your nutritional reserves.

My love for green juices

I will end by saying that I do love green juices. And I have to say I love them not so much for their taste, but how I look and feel from drinking them regularly.

I’ve actually been drinking green juice for the past 15-20 years, since my early 20s! That’s a long time. Recently I read Tonya Zavasta’s book, Guide To Ageless Face, and in her book she talked about when she goes on tours and gives lectures, she can tell who in her audience regularly drinks green juice, it’s that obvious in peoples’ appearance and complexion! I have to agree with her 100,000%!!! People who drink green juice regularly, glow!

Does this intrigue you? Then definitely join this month’s Healthy Habits Challenge of drinking a green juice a day for the entire month of May! And let me know how it goes! Let’s connect here on Radiance Central, Facebook, YouTube, and I’ve just started an Instagram account today, so we can share green juice photos too!

Watch today’s video below to hear more about why I love green juices and removing the fiber from them!

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    1. Hi Alma,

      Living Libations is actually a Canadian company! I believe their products are only sold online.
      Here is there a link to their website:
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      I recommend their RoseGlow line, both the serum and cream, very good for wrinkles, moisturizing the skin, and perfect for the harsh Canadian climate. For the fall and winter months, I would suggest using both the serum & cream during the days and nights, and during the hot summer use the cream & serum at night, and just use one product during the day.

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