How To Make Green Juice With A Blender & Strainer

Healthy Habits Challenge-May 2015-Green JUice Every Day -

Radiance Central’s Monthly Healthy Habits Challenge!

May 2015 Challenge: Drink 1 Green Juice A Day

Here at Radiance Central, we’re focusing on one healthy habit a month. It’s so much easier to get healthy when you focus on one thing at a time, do it consistently, and do it well! I’m all about quality over quantity, and last month when we launched the Monthly Healthy Habits Challenge series, I saw how just focusing on drinking a lot of water consistently every day for an entire month, not only improved my health, but it made making lifestyle changes easy and fun.

So this month, let’s get the green juice in! Let’s drink green juice every day this month! If you don’t have a juicer, I made a video today showing how to make green juice using a blender and a strainer. If you don’t have either for the Healthy Habits Challenge, some people are making green drinks mixing green powder and water, and drinking that daily (if you want to go that route, I recommend HealthForce Vitamineral Green).

How To Make Green Juice With A Blender & Strainer -

Can you make a green juice using a blender instead of a juicer?

I get asked a lot if you can make a green juice, vegetable juice, or any juice using a blender instead of a juicer, and the answer is yes, yes, YES! And, it’s easy! In fact I know some people who prefer making their green juices with a blender and strainer, over using a juicer because the clean-up is much faster! These people have both juicers and blenders, and they reach for their blender and strainers every day to make their green juices. Me, I’ll be honest, I prefer my juicer to make my green juices, but that’s me (and maybe it’s because I have an awesome juicer, and a terrible blender, and strangely enough, I actually like cleaning my juicer!).

Do you need a high speed blender (like a Vitamix or Blendtec)?

No! If you’ve been following my videos, you know I don’t own a turbo blender (not yet!). Back in Canada, I had a KitchenAid blender which I loved, and it was a great blender, but here in Bali I have a terrible blender, probably the opposite of a high speed blender. I would say this blender is not only a “low speed” blender, but the blades are not even sharp! Somehow, it still does make a lovely green juice. So if I can make nice green juices and vegetable juices with my blender, you can make juices with yours.

Additional tools you’ll need to make a green juice with your blender

To make a smooth and delicious green juice, you’ll need a strainer to strain the juice after blending it in the blender. You can use a stainless steel fine mesh strainer, or a nylon nut milk bag (pictured below). The fine mesh strainer you can find at any kitchen supply store or even at a dollar store. Just make sure the mesh is very fine. You can find a nut milk bag at a health food store or online, or alternatively you can go to a hardware store a buy a paint strainer bag, which is the exact same thing, but cheaper! I don’t recommend straining the juices with cheese cloth, if you do, you’ll have to double it up a few times, and it can be quite messy.

How To Make Green Juice With A Blender & Strainer -

(on the left is a nylon nut milk bag. I use mine all the time to strain the juices I make with my juicer, that’s why it’s nice and stained. On the right is a fine mesh strainer. When using a fine mesh strainer to strain your juices, you’ll need a spoon to push the juice through the strainer).

How To Make Green Juice With A Blender & Strainer -

How To Make A Green Juice With A Blender & Strainer

Natasha’s Vitamin C Green Juice Recipe (makes 2 cups)
1 cup Spinach (packed)
1/2 cup Papaya
2 Tangerines or Oranges (peels and all seeds removed)*
1/2 Lime (peel and all seeds removed)*
1/2 Cucumber
1 stalk of Celery
1/4 – 1/2 cup Water

* make sure to remove all the seeds from the oranges/tangerines and limes before blending or juicing it. When citrus seeds get juiced or blended, it can ruin the juice! They can make juices quite bitter, so best to take a few moments to make sure they’re all removed before making the juice!

Directions (watch today’s video below):
1- Put all fruits and vegetables in the blender.
2- Start by adding 1/4 cup of water and blend. If you need more water to get the blender going, slowly add more (the more water you add, the more diluted the juice will be, so the less water used, the better!).
3- Blend until smooth.
4- Strain the juice with a nut milk bag or stainless steel fine mesh strainer:
Nylon Nut Milk Bag: Fill bag with blended juice, and over a bowl squeeze the liquid out (the fiber/pulp will remain in the bag, and the strained liquids will collect in the bowl.
Stainless Steel Fine Mesh Strainer: Over a bowl, fill the strainer with the blended juice, and using a spoon, stir contents in the strainer. The strained liquids will drip into the bowl from the strainer, and the fiber/pulp will remain in the strainer.
5- Discard the remaining fiber/pulp.
6- Drink the strained juice and enjoy!!!

Are you joining us for this month’s Healthy Habits Challenge of drinking a green juice every day for the entire month of May? If so, let us know how your doing, or share your favourite juice recipe! (leave your comments below!)

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