How I Get Rid Of Cravings For Sweets

How I Got Rid Of Cravings For Sweets -

Yesterday someone left a question asking how to get rid of cravings for sweets. When I read the comment, I immediately thought about how much I could relate to that dilema. After giving birth to my daughter Luna Ray, I felt like I developed a strong sweet tooth overnight. I never had that while I was pregnant with her, but when she arrived, so did an unquenchable sweet tooth! Perhaps it’s from the postpartum hormones or lack of sleep, but for a long time all I could think about, and dream about, was sweet food!

So for myself, I needed to tackle that issue quick, and through various experiments there’s two things that worked for me to decrease and prevent cravings for sweets and treats.

How did I get rid of cravings for sweets?

Two things that help me the most to get rid of and prevent cravings for sweets: increasing consumption of starchy complex carbohydrates (whole grains, beans, legumes, pulses, and starchy vegetables like yams, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, etc.), and exercise (cardio and strength training).

What about fruit, or healthy desserts to get rid of cravings?

You might be wondering what about fruit? What about a healthy dessert made with dried fruit or honey, maple syrup? Wouldn’t that satisfy sweet cravings?

For me, not always! This is not to say that I don’t eat fruit or a healthy dessert, I do, and I love them, but to deal with the unrelenting sweet cravings that can be ingrained into my daily life, I want to get rid of the cravings to begin with, not substitute the cravings with something else. I know myself well enough to know that when I’m having a lot of strong sweet cravings, if I eat something sweet, even if it’s made out of healthy ingredients, sometimes I end up over-eating it, or not feeling completely satisfied.

So to be clear, I do eat fruit, I eat fruit every day, and I do eat desserts made out of healthy ingredients, but I don’t rely on them to get rid of my cravings. Complex starchy carbohydrates (like whole grains, beans, legumes, etc.), and exercise, especially cardiovascular exercise, help prevent and eliminate sweet cravings, many times instantaneously!

Starchy Complex Carbohydrates

So when I started having crazy sugar and sweet cravings, I increased my daily consumption of complex carbohydrates like whole grains, beans, legumes, and starchy vegetables. These food not only have a good amount of carbs in them, but also fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals as well. This not only works as a great carb fix, but works to stabilize your blood sugar and make you feel full and satisfied.

I don’t need to eat a lot of these carbs either, but I do have to make sure they are part of my daily diet in order to ward off sugar cravings. I find what works is having small portions once or twice (sometimes 3 times) a day with vegetables and/or a protein, to make a complete and satisfying meal. My portion sizes vary, but on average I have about 1/2 cup of complex carbohydrates in a meal.


All exercise is fantastic to stabilize blood sugar, boost mood, and release stress and tension. If you have a sweet craving, go and exercise. I don’t know many people who go and workout, and afterwards want to stop at a bakery to buy cake to eat on their way home.

When you exercise, you feel so good about yourself and how you feel, you get a natural high. This can counter the cravings, and if you exercise regularly, you’ll naturally notice those sweet cravings decrease over time without much effort at all.

More about how I get rid of cravings for sweets, watch the video below!

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  1. The only time I ever got rid of cravings for sweets was when I ate 80/10/10 or something close to it. I’ll give your ideas some thought. I need a reboot;)

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