Feeding My Daughter Healthy Food, My Strategy!

Feeding My Daughter Health Food, My Strategy - www.RadianceCentral.com

I frequently receive emails asking me about the challenges of feeding children healthy food, how to do it when junk food, and fast food are everywhere?

Being a first time mom, I’m definitely learning as my daughter grows. She’s still young (1.5 years old), so I feel this is a perfect time to set a healthy and balanced foundation.

One thing that I observed earlier on, is she associates different things with different people. For example, she associates milk with me (obviously because I’m nursing her), she associates playing hide and seek with her father, piggy-back rides with her babysitter, and playing ball with the neighbour’s boys.

Taking that a step further, I don’t feed her junk food or sweet treats, so she doesn’t expect it from me, or ask me for it, ever! (which therefore helps avoid conflicts and tantrums- even better!) For right now, it’s really that easy. I personally don’t feed her any junk food or treats, but occassionally my husband, friends, or family do give her small treats, which is fine because it’s an occasional treat, and it’s not coming from the person who’s feeding her majority of the time (me).

Since my husband gives her occassional treats, she asks him for it, especially if she sees it, or sees him eating it, but she’ll never ask me (because she knows I won’t give it to her). I think if I were the one feeding her all the time and also giving her treats, it would be much harder, she’d probably ask for the treats all the time, and expect it from me.

I also find not having treats in the house helps a lot, plus making the effort not to eat treats in front of her. Little details like this make a huge difference!

I also have to say, based on my own personal experience of growing up in a household where my parents were pretty strict about eating healthy food, I naturally developped healthy eating habits that became my foundation. But, as I grew older and more independant, if I wasn’t allowed junk food or treat food at home, I would find it elsewhere!

So as for now, knowing that the majority of time I’m providing my daughter with good quality, healthy food, I choose not to worry too much about the sweets and treats she occassinally gets from other people. If I get stressed and anxious about it, it creates no value for her or I.

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