I Was Gifted My Living Libations Wish List + Review

Living Libations Product Review (from my wish list) - www.RadianceCentral.com

Another Living Libations Review!

Two months ago I did a review of Living Libations skin care line of all the products I love, repurchased, and recommend. At the end of the review, I included my Wish List of items I still wanted to buy and try. Little did I know at the time, I would be gifted those very items!

How I was gifted my Living Libations Wish List?

I’m not sure you know this, but I’m actually a very shy person. Over the years I have featured various product reviews on Raw Radiant Health and Radiance Central, as well as in newsletters to my mailing list, but I’ve never forwarded the reviews to the companies and brands I’ve reviewed! Yes, very strange, I know! Even in cyberspace, I’m very shy! This is something I’m working on. So, a week after I posted the review of the Living Libations products, I decided to send them the link to the product review. I love their products, why not let them know?!

Well, after I sent Living Libations the link, they replied telling me they wanted to send me the products on my Wish List, all the way to Bali!!! Words can’t express just how excited, thrilled, and overjoyed I was (let’s just say I was jumping up and down like I had won the lottery!!). A few weeks later the products on my Wish List arrived, and oh my goodness are they HEAVENLY, definitely worthy of a full review!

What was on my Living Libations Wish List?

Let’s start with what was on my Wish List – Gardenia Petal Perfume, RoseGlow Creme, and Vanilla Best Skin Ever. I’m excited because each item is so different, and I’ve been using all products daily for over 2 weeks to give you a full, honest review.

My love affair with Gardenia

I’ve mentioned in my previous review of Living Libations how much I love gardenia flowers. I have gardenia trees growing in my garden, I keep making my husband plant more, and one day when we build our own home, we plan to plant gardenia trees outside the bedroom windows (who wouldn’t want to wake up to the beautiful aroma of fresh gardenia flowers every day?). I love gardenias that much!

Gardenia from my garden - www.RadianceCentral.com(Gardenia from my garden!)

As much as I love the fresh gardenia flowers, I’ve never found a good gardenia perfume I liked (especially a natural, non-toxic one) until I received Living Libations Gardenia Petal Perfume! Oh my gooooooodnessssss! I have to say they have found a way to bottle gardenia in it’s truest, most divine form. It’s that good. When people describe perfumes as intoxicating, I now understand what they mean, Gardenia Petal Perfume is intoxicating, it’s absolutely gorgeous. I normally don’t wear perfume because I am so picky about scents, but since receiving Gardenia Petal Perfume, I’ve been wearing it every single day (sometimes to bed too!). I’ll be honest and say I started panicking about what will happen when it runs out?!! I’ve now started saving money to buy the larger bottle!

Living Libations Gardenia Petal Perfume - www.RadianceCentral.com

RoseGlow Crème revisited

As mentioned in my previous Living Libations review, I love the RoseGlow line, both the serum and face cream, so I was super excited to receive a jar of the RoseGlow Creme. I finished my last jar of the RoseGlow Creme when I was pregnant with Luna Ray, so it’s been over a year and a half since I last used it. Once I started using it again, from the first day on, I was sweetly reminded just how much I love the RoseGlow products.

There’s just something about the RoseGlow Crème that is so gentle and nourishing. Being close to 40 and living in the hot tropics, I need a good moisturizer that is rich enough to deeply moisturize my skin, but light enough that it doesn’t settle on the surface of my skin or feel too heavy. What I love about the RoseGlow Crème is it’s not heavy, and it’s not too light either, it’s right in the middle, so it can be used in any climate, and probably on any skin type that needs a moisture boost, especially for those that are over 35, and their skin is starting to “mature.”

Living Libations RoseGlow Creme - www.RadianceCentral.com

The Vanilla Best Skin Ever

I will be very honest and say that I was VERY nervous about trying the Vanilla Best Skin Ever. Here’s the story why:

Not too long ago I did a blog post about how my skin care routine has changed over the years. One of the biggest changes in my skin care routine was after I gave birth to my daughter, I switched from using raw honey to wash my face, to using coconut oil. I made the switch because post-pregnancy I was having all sorts of skin issues like rashes, breakouts, and dry skin. I attributed it to nursing/breastfeeding, the fluctuating post-pregnancy hormones, sleepless nights, sleeping with air conditioning (my daughter gets terrible heat rash otherwise), and the fact I’m getting older too.

I really took to washing my face with oil, not only was it moisturizing, but gentle as well. Up until a month or so ago, I was always using coconut oil to wash my face twice a day. Aside from a small rash on my forehead, my skin seemed to respond well to cleansing with the oil. Then one day I ran out of coconut oil, and substituted it with olive oil. Two days after using the olive oil the rash on my forehead completely vanished! I had that rash for over a year, it was not a red rash, nor an itchy rash, just very tiny little bumps, like dermatitis, that I never connected to the coconut oil. For some reason I always thought the bumpy skin had to do with nursing and post-pregnancy hormones because I developed the patch of bumpy skin right after giving birth. For some reason I never connected the change of facial cleansers to the rash, perhaps because it was not something that appeared overnight, but gradually developed.

So imagine if the skin on your forehead went from bumpy to super smooth in less than an a week, all from changing your cleanser – would you switch your cleanser to something else right away, try something new? Probably not! And that was the predicament I was in. I had just switched from using coconut oil that was causing tiny bumps on my forehead, to olive oil which cleared it all up (and fast), and then I received the beautiful gift of Vanilla Best Skin Ever, which is a cleansing oil. I was terrified to try it, but at the same time it smelled so good, I couldn’t resist.

Living Libations Vanilla Best Skin Ever - www.RadianceCentral.com

Vanilla Best Skin Ever is actually giving me the best skin ever!

It’s now been 2 weeks I’ve been using Vanilla Best Skin Ever, and it is awesome! I love it! The bumpy rash never returned on my forehead (thank goodness!), my skin is clear and smooth, and instead of leaving an oily film on my skin that a lot of oils do, I find my skin is more velvety and smooth after washing it, as opposed to oily and shiny. I think this is because the oil itself is very light, not heavy at all.

Experimenting with different oil facial cleansers. 

I have to say it’s been a really good experience experimenting with all these different oils to cleanse my face with, because each one seems to do something different to my skin! As happy as I was with having the olive oil clear up the bumpy texture on my forehead, I found that within 2-3 hour of washing my face with olive oil, my skin would get terribly oily. Not just a mid-day shine, but an actual heavy layer of oil would accumulate on the surface of my skin, and by mid-day I would have the urge to re-wash or rinse my face. This never happened with the coconut oil (but I got the bumpy forehead instead), and luckily when I switched to the Vanilla Best Skin Ever, I’ve had none of these skin issues whatsoever.

So based on my experience, if one oil cleanser doesn’t work well, or causes a rash or breakouts, doesn’t mean all oils will! Do keep experimenting and trying different ones. Nowadays there’s so many different oils available, either as pure oil, or oil-blends that companies like Living Libations formulate. I have to say I’m loving the Vanilla Best Skin Ever, not only is it great as a cleanser, but it smells beautiful, and can even be used as body oil as well (or even a few drops on your wrist as a very subtle perfume). Love, love, love!!!

A huge thank you, not only for the gift, but for making such lovely products!

To end off I would like to thank Living Libations for the beautiful gift (I’m already saving-up to re-purchase the Gardenia Petal Perfume!). I truly love their products! Since doing the last review of their product line, many of you have been sharing what you’ve bought from them, and what you recommend, which has been a lot of fun!! (I love reading reviews!). From everyone’s recommendations, over and over again I keep hearing great things about Living Libations Seabuckthorn Shampoo & Conditioner, (which for some reason I never thought to try), and MANY people have been recommending the Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever.

Have you used any of Living Libations natural skin care products? If so what have you tried? Please share!

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5 thoughts on “I Was Gifted My Living Libations Wish List + Review

    1. Hi Anusha,
      I use Living Libations Best Skin Ever to wash my face. I will do a video demo showing how I use it to wash my face. I’m doing a Vanilla – Best Skin Ever Giveaway next week, so in conjunction with that I’ll do the video. I have to say, it smells so good, at night I put a small dab on my wrists so I can enjoy the beautiful scent as I fall to sleep!!. You can also use it as a body oil, I just find it works so well as a face cleanser, I’d rather make it last as long as possible.

      1. Thank you so much ..I’ll be looking forward to your video 🙂 . ..I am lusting after so many products from living libations

  1. Hello again ..have you tried using it as a moisturizer . ?Actually I have acne prone skin and Ifind it ddifficult to use it with wash cloth when I have acne .

    1. Hi Anusha,

      Yes you can definitely use it as a moisturizer! If you’re having breakouts on your face, you can use it as a body oil.

      Sometimes it’s how you are using it to wash your face. I have acne-prone skin as well, and I have experimented with many different techniques of washing my face with oil- and I have found that there’s certain ways of doing it, that doesn’t cause my skin to breakout.

      I haven’t forgotten to do a demo video for you on how to wash your face with oil. In fact, I’ve been holding off doing the video because I’ve been building a whole new website dedicated to helping women clear up adult acne and breakouts, and I thought that sort of video would be more pertinent over there.

      I’ll be announcing the new website: The Clear Skin Essentials, in the next day or two!!! You can go there now if you like (it’s up and ready!) and there’s a Free Acne Solutions Email Course you can join over there as well 🙂

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