NEW Healthy Habits Monthly Challenge!

Health Habits Challenge -April 2015-Water-
Radiance Central’s NEW Healthy Habits Monthly Challenge Series!

I am super excited to announce Radiance Central’s NEW Healthy Habits Monthly Challenge!

This is a free monthly challenge to start incorporating healthy habits into your routine, being consistent, and step by step getting healthier. It usually takes one month of doing something consistently to make it a habit, and why not do it as a group, make it fun, and keep it simple!

Every month we’ll choose one healthy habit to do daily for the entire month, and I’ll post one video/blog article a week relating to that healthy habit, and if you’d like, we can connect here on the blog, or on Radiance Central’s Facebook page to chat about our progress, breakthroughs, benefits, and challenges.

This month’s Healthy Habits Challenge

To kick things off, the April 2015 Healthy Habit Challenge is drinking a MINIMUM of 6-8 cups of water a day (at least 2 quarts / 2 litres per day, or more every day). If you live in a hot climate, exercise, or have a laborious job, you probably need even more water – so best to figure out what your personal daily water requirement is, and for the entire month of April let’s all make it a point to be drinking an abundance of water every single day.

Most people are chronically dehydrated, and many will easily admit they should drink more water, but they don’t! So for the month of April we’re focusing on making hydration with water a priority, a healthy habit! Just one thing to note- if you like drinking teas, coffee, green juices, etc., those beverages don’t count as water. You can drink them all you want, but on top of that you’ll have to be drinking a minimum of 6-8 cups of water a day.

I also strongly recommend being mindful of the changes and benefits that comes with making the extra effort of drinking plenty of water. For many people they see incredible results in their skin, their face, decrease puffiness and water retention, better mood, more energy, deeper concentration, decrease in appetite and cravings, weight loss, better digestion, less inflammation, etc. Knowing how this healthy habit benefits you will make it even easier and more exciting to do! (perhaps you want to take a photo of yourself today and compare it to what you’ll look like at the end of the month!).

I am super excited for this challenge! If you have any suggestions or requests for future Healthy Habits Challenges, please post them below. Also, get your friends and family to join, and let’s all connect here or on Radiance Central’s Facebook page!—>

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  1. What a great idea you have come up with!! Thanks heaps – Im going to follow this and look forward to your weekly videos to remind me 🙂

  2. I am going to do this in the hope it helps me with the inflammation in my fingures as they are hurting

  3. Any recommendations from anyone about how to drink enough water when you work at a job where you can’t get up to go to the bathroom all the time? And I can’t focus if I’m holding a full bladder.

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