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Silent Day / Nyepi Day – The Balinese New Year

Tomorrow is Balinese New Year (Nyepi Day). How the Balinese celebrate the new year is by having a day of silence – for 24 hours, no one is to use electricity or fire (no cooking, no lights, etc.), no going outside, no working, no entertainment. Even the airport is closed for 24 hours and no one is allowed on the streets. By sun down, the entire island is dark and quiet! This is a day of contemplation, a day of reflection, a day to be with your family. I love Nyepi Day! Perhaps the next time you do a fast or cleanse, you incorporate some of these elements (how about a technology fast?!!!).

Ready to let go of the sugar and processed food once and for all??!!
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2 thoughts on “A Different Type Of Cleanse!

  1. Hi Natasha. Could you please tell me, I don’t want to do a servier cleans, but if I do the the 7day whole food challenge, will I still get the cleansing side of things with this. I still want to cleanse, but I don’t want all these colonics and enimas, but want to know if I still get a cleanse out of this for my health. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon on this question.

    1. Hi Mary,
      You don’t need to do an extreme or severe cleanse to get the benefits. As long as you are eating healthy, whole, real food, and eliminating junk food, processed food and refined food, you’re not only giving your body what it needs, but also wonderful nourishment as well.
      Our bodies are always “cleansing,” 24 hours a day, and if you are eating a lot of fiber-rich, water-rich, and nutrient-dense foods, in my opinion you certainly supporting your body’s cleansing abilities and process.
      So yes, you would definitely benefit from the 7 Day Whole Food Challenge, and the beauty of the program is you can follow it forever!

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