Can’t Stop Gaining Weight? DO THIS!!


Can't Stop Gaining Weight, Do This First! -

Can’t Stop Gaining Weight? DO THIS FIRST!!

A lot of people come to me completely overwhelmed by “uncontrollable” weight gain. I know what it’s like, it feels like an ugly monster that’s impossible to tackle.

One thing that I have seen work over and over again is to first move the focus away from how you’re going to lose the weight, and instead work on putting a cap on the actual weight gain itself. There is a difference between the two, a subtle one, but a good enough difference that can very well influence one’s success or defeat.

If you find yourself overwhelmed, frazzled by the stress of losing weight, and paralyzed by a feeling of pressure – then start first with stopping the weight gain. Put the weight loss strategy aside (you’ll get to that later, I promise), and just focus on not putting on any more weight. I’m always amazed how my coaching clients’ body language or tone of voice changes when I tell them this, they go from utter stress and exasperation to a place of calm and certainty, instantaneously!

This doesn’t mean you’ll never lose the weight, or that it will take forever, in fact this is what will set you up to successfully, easily, and confidently lose weight. I think most people would agree that the best way to embark on anything is through calm and deliberate action, and not from a place of pressure, guilt, and feeling out of control.

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