Part 1: Diet Experiments – What Doesn’t Work For Me!

Experiments With Diets & Cleanses -

Learning From Past Diet Experiments & Cleanses

In the last video/blog post I talked about extreme diets and the importance of taking away what works for you, and letting go of what doesn’t.

Today I want to talk about my own experience. Over the years I’ve tried so many extreme diets and cleanses, and each and every time I’ve learned so much about myself, specifically what makes me feel good and healthy, and what doesn’t.

In today’s video/blog post I go over all the things I’ve learned so far from my diet experiments that doesn’t work for me at all, and in the next video/blog post I’ll talk about all the things that do work for me, and what I continue to do, and implement in my daily life.

Past Diets & Cleanses: What Doesn’t Work For Me

Before I get into what doesn’t work for me, I just want to first say: this post is based on my experience and my body. As we all know, everyone is different, everyone has different bodies, food tolerances, metabolisms, etc. I’m just sharing my own experience and observations. I have to say the more I know what works for me and what doesn’t, the easier my food and diet choices are, the better I feel, the clearer I am as to what supports my health, and what I want to continue doing.

Here’s What Doesn’t Work For Me:


1. I Get Hyperpigmentation From Eating Too Much Fruit

I eat fruit every day. I love fruit! But, if I eat too much fruit, like doing a fruitarian diet or a high fruit cleanse/diet for more than a few consecutive days, I am prone to hyperpigmentation on my face (only in the summer months or in a hot climate). I am sure the same thing would happen if I had a lot of sugar from other sources in my diet as well. For me, high fruit diet + strong sun = hyperpigmentation. I get the dark patches always in the same places (my upper lip and around my temples on the sides of my forehead). To avoid it, I am mindful of how much fruit I eat. I don’t cut fruit completely out of my diet,  I just don’t eat too much, definitely no fruitarian diet for me (especially while living near the equator!). I also find shielding my face from the sun helps a lot, but it doesn’t seem to protect me 100%. In order for me to avoid any form of hyperpigmentation, I’ve got to minimize the fruit and the sun.

2. Too Much Avocado & Nuts Causes Me Serious Sinus Pain & Congestion

I love avocados and I love nuts. Eating healthy fats is great for my skin, my appetite, my mood, and overall well-being, but unfortunately if I eat too much avocados and/or nuts, I get painful congestion and sinus issues. When I used to be on a raw food diet, I really craved the healthy fats, but the moment I ate more than 1/2- 1 avocado, or more than 1/2 cup of nuts, I would immediately get severely congested, so bad that it would be difficult to sleep at night and to breath through my nose. I have to say, I don’t have such an issue with seeds (tahini/sesame seed butter would be the exception). I still eat nuts and avocado all the time, but I have to really watch the quantities.

3. Raw Cacao Over Stimulates Me & Makes Me Depressed When I Stop Eating It

I love chocolate! Raw or cooked, I love chocolate. Unfortunately if I eat raw cacao too many days in a row, I find it very hard to stop. It kind of feels like I’m stopping a drug. I get quite down and depressed when I stop, and it feels like something is missing. It almost feels like withdrawal! I only get this from raw cacao, not cooked or roasted chocolate. I also find if I eat too much, I get over stimulated from the theobromine, kind of like I’m jumping out of my skin, or like I drank way too much coffee. Because of this, as a treat once in a while it’s fine, but I can’t eat it regularly.

4. Healthy Food Or Not, If I Overeat It, I Get Fat!

Whoever said “As long as it’s healthy, you can eat as much as you want, you won’t gain weight!” either lied or doesn’t know what they’re talking about! Based on my own experience, if I overeat anything, healthy or not, I will gain weight.

5. Exercising Too Much Makes Me Eat Much More Than I Burn Off.

There have definitely been times where I’ve gotten a little over zealous with exercising. I love to exercise. I love the energy, stamina, and strength I get from it, plus it’s definitely boosts my confidence and self esteem, and clears my mind of stress and worry. But, if I exercise for more than an hour a day, especially high intensity exercise, I always end up really hungry after, and if I exercise intensely for a few days in a  row, my appetite builds and I end up eating way more than I’m burning off, which isn’t what I am aiming for!

In recent years I’ve done a lot of experiments with exercise – different durations, different forms of exercise and movement, and different intensities. I find what actually works best for me is exercising no more than an hour a day (even as little as 20-30 minutes of intense exercise a day is awesome), AND making sure I’m not sitting down all day, but instead moving around doing housework, playing with my daughter Luna Ray, cleaning the garden, going for a walk, etc. I find the two combined helps me stay in much better shape, keeps my weight down, and doesn’t stimulate my appetite in the slightest – all of which gives me much better results than doubling-up my gym classes or spending hours working out a day. It seems the less I do, the better results I get.

6. Even The Most Well-Intentioned Health Bloggers, Gurus, & Experts Don’t Always Verify Their “Facts”.

There was once a health blog that I loved and followed many years ago. One day she/he did a demo on making your own tooth paste, and of course I had to try it. Unfortunately after a few days of using my new DIY toothpaste, it totally messed up my mouth, teeth, and gums. I’ve never had such sensitivity and pain in my mouth in my life! I ended up contacting the blogger about what happened and the blogger responded by admitting she/he never tried the recipe out!!! OMG! I have to admit, from that incident on, my trusting innocent bubble was burst, and from then on let’s just say I exercise extreme caution over anything I try or listen to over the internet! Not to be crazy paranoid or anything, but be careful!

Stay tuned for the next blog post/video where I talk about all the great things I learned and continue doing from some of the extreme diets and cleanses I’ve tried!

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3 thoughts on “Part 1: Diet Experiments – What Doesn’t Work For Me!

  1. Hi Natasha, Yeah I agree with you don’t just listen to some guru or person on youtube talking about some diet or some type of superfood, and think everything their saying is true or backed by real science. Most of the time its not backed by science and they are cherry picking info to fit their idea.

    I found the best people to listen to are doctors that use diet to heal people or have scientific evidence backing their claims or research it yourself. And then you can give it a try and see what works for you.

    Excellent video, hopefully you stopped someone from following some crazy guru person with crazy ideas with suprefoods and supplements. The best diet is whole foods diet.

    1. Hi Nick,
      Thank you so much for your comment and input. Definitely agree that before doing anything, always best for people to do the research themselves. There’s a big difference between taking someone else’s opinion on as our own, and thinking, exploring, and researching things objectively. There’s certainly a lot of crazy opinions and ideas out there, and unfortunately things can be slanted for certain reasons or purposes, even science isn’t always 100% unbiased. I find if I stick to continually educating myself, have an open mind, and do what authentically feels right for me, I’m usually in the best direction!

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