My Opinion On Extreme Diets

My Opinion On Extreme Diets -

I get asked a lot about what I think about certain extreme diets floating around the internet. I have to say, as long as somene is objective, listening more to their body than the diet guru, and learning from what is working, and what is not, these crazy extreme diets don’t neccessarily have to be the worst things on earth.

Most people can’t stick to these exreme diets over the longterm anyway, and what they can gain is an incredible amount insight as to what works for them, and what doesn’t.

Now adays I have a much more moderate and balanced approach to my own personal diet, and this works for me, but I have to say I learned so much from all my past experiments with different diets, cleanses, and eating plans. I might not ever want to do those types of diets again, but I sure did learn a lot!!!

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