Is Control Standing In Your Way?

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Over the weekend was Valentine’s Day, and as I was celebrating it with my husband and daughter, I couldn’t help but think about how much my life has changed in such a short period of time. Less than five years ago I moved to Bali, and shortly after I met my future husband, got married, and had a baby! Wow!

It got me thinking of an email I received over a year ago asking me if I connect all these big life events to getting off of the raw vegan diet? My initial reaction to the question was, “No, these things have nothing to do with my diet or food choices!”

For some reason I never shook the question off, and as I was reminiscing with my husband over the weekend about how we met, I couldn’t help but think about what my life was like before I met my husband, and all the changes I went through prior to meeting him. I thought about my diet change during that time, and started to see the connection. You see, I’ve always been a crazy perfectionist, and over the years it’s served me in both positive and negative ways. I tend to have high standards and expectations for just about everything, and the problem with that is I can easily be let down, especially in situations I have no control over. With letting go of my overly-restrictive diet, I naturally let go of my overly-restrictive, controlling attitude as well. Through that transition period off of the raw food diet, I had to learn to cut myself some slack, and perhaps with that, doors of opportunity started to open on their own without me meddling with it. I still don’t necessarily think this has anything to do with a particular diet, but more the intention behind the diet. The raw food diet wasn’t making me controlling, it’s that I was already a controlling person and the raw food diet fit that. Eventually as I out grew that controlling part of myself, so did I out grow other choices and attitudes.

In recent years, the one thing that I have learned is the more I let go of trying to control things, the easier my life becomes. The more I put all expectations aside, the more my life seems to flow and work. I met my husband, my life partner, at a time when I stopped trying to control the outcome, when I stopped trying to fit any particular mold or label, and when I was living a life uniquely true to myself, and my own personal standards and aspirations. In all, I let go of caring so much about the outcome, and started enjoying the process. Putting all need for control and perfectionism aside, magic does happen!

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2 thoughts on “Is Control Standing In Your Way?

  1. Natasha, I am ALWAYS amazed, though I should know by now, at how your wisdom seems to go WELL beyond your years. This message was JUST what I needed to hear: expectations vs standards; controlling the outcome vs letting the process unfold. It provides MUCH to meditate on and consider for those of us trying to move forward into a better quality of life ;-D

  2. Natasha, i wish i could be like that. I find things to be hard at times. My temper can change just like that, but i get out of it fast. I am nit happy in myself at all, and my weight and ailments get to me so much, but dont know how to controll it at times.

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