Restorative Coconut Lemonade Recipe (perfect cure for a hangover!)

Coconut Lemonade Recipe -

Valentines Day is this weekend and this Coconut Lemonade recipe is a perfect remedy after a big night out where perhaps you drank to much alcohol, have a hangover, ate too much rich food, didn’t get enough sleep, or you’re just feeling run down. This is the ultimate restorative drink!

Fresh coconut water is packed with electrolytes, and fresh lemon juice is known to be a perfect liver tonic. The two combined will get anyone on the road to recovery! I must say this is also a great post-workout drink, especially after intense cardio exercise.

Coconut Lemonade Recipe

Easy to make, all you need to do is crack open a fresh young coconut, juice a lemon (or lime), and combine the coconut water with the lemon juice. If you want to be creative with this drink, you can chop-up some of the young  coconut meat and add it in (a popular thing to do here in Indonesia!). This drink can be served over ice or on it’s own, and no need to add any sweetener, the coconut water is definitely sweet enough! I always say “fresh is best,” but for those that don’t have access to fresh coconuts, bottled coconut water could be used as long as it’s pure and no added sweeteners or additives.

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