A Treat Is NOT A Cheat!

A Treat Is Not A Cheat - www.RadianceCentral.com

Recently someone told me that a health guru was saying that “a treat is a cheat!” I have to say some of these messages put out by the health and diet industry can be quite extreme, disempowering, and just too over the top.

Do you want to be perfect, or do you want to be healthy?

This whole thing of “treats being cheats” reminds me of “dieting perfectionism,” which can do more harm than good. I see this a lot where people become consumed with doing a healthy diet 100% perfectly, as if there is no other way, and if they veto off their diet in the slightest way, they feel like they failed miserably. It’s a terrible place to be, and many find themselves constantly “starting over” because they “cheated” on their diet. It’s like nothing is ever good enough, and there’s always something that needs to be fixed and improved. And what will a 100% healthy diet without the occasional treat really do for you anyway? And what is “a treat is a cheat,” really about?!!!! I understand how bad cheating on a test is, or that cheating on your spouse is awful, but how is having a treat, cheating? Do you really want to live like that?

How many people do you know succeed from feeling like a failure?

I don’t know many people who can achieve real success and happiness if they’re always feeling guilty or like a failure. I know that these messages like “treats are cheats” are intented to somehow help or motivate people, but they just don’t. Now a days we’re bombarded by a whole lot of extreme ideas and views, and it’s important to stop and think about what we are telling ourselves and others, and question whether it creating value or not.

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