Simple & Natural Sore Throat Remedy

Natural Sore Throat Remedy -

This is the easiest and quickest sore throat remedy. All you need is a lemon! You’ll never need to waste your money on throat syrup or lozenge again! Also, this is not only a great remedy to use when you have a flu or cold, but also if you ever do a fast or cleanse and develop sore throat, cough, or congestion – definitely try this wonderful natural remedy out!

Lemon Sore Throat Remedy Directions:
1- Cut a lemon wedge and remove any seeds.
2- Bite into the lemon wedge and swallow the fresh lemon juice (do not sprinkle any sweetener on the lemon wedge).
3- Refrain from drinking any liquids/water or eating any food for at least 15-20 minutes.
4- Repeat every 2-3 hours until sore throat is gone.

Caution: If you have weak dental enamel or sensitivity to citrus fruit, don’t do this!

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