Does Fat Make You Fat? Ep133

Someone recently sent me an email asking me if fat really does make people fat? This person was alarmed by such a statement (and so was I!!). Too many times I hear people make general statements like this one, and it’s completely off base. In today’s video I share my opinion on dietary fat, and which foods that are high in fat you should watch out for, which ones not to worry about, and which foods you should be mindful of the portions.

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2 thoughts on “Does Fat Make You Fat? Ep133

  1. Questions re: a Canadian woman travelling to Bali on her own, interested in eating healthy, spirituality, meditation? Where do you recommend first staying when arriving? Any tips or suggestions? Thank you.

    1. I think most people go to Ubud for the yoga, meditation, healthy food, etc. It’s about 1.5 – 2 hour drive from the airport, so if you have been flying for a long time, you might want to stay somewhere not so far to have a good rest before doing the drive. Bali is a small island, many places to explore!

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