My Observations Of Healthy Eating In North America Today, Ep126

After living in Indonesia for the past 4 years, I recently visited Canada/North America for the first time in three years. In today’s video I share my impressions and observations as to what has changed in the realm of healthy eating and I talk a little bit of the advantages and disadvantaes of the food industry in Canada/North America compared to Indonesia/Southeast Asia.

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One thought on “My Observations Of Healthy Eating In North America Today, Ep126

  1. Oh btw, for those of us non-boomers with Medicare and antibiotics in the current U.S. recession and limited budgets- what juice or foodie ideas do you have for Vitamin C and selenium sources?

    I like my Sriracha garlic chili with citrus and ginger. I’m still looking for more ideas on how to work the two nutrients because sometimes I have to tone it down with the peppers. 🙂

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