Have You Fallen Off Your Healthy Diet? Ep124

Someone left a comment on my Facebook page today that they’ve fallen off their diet and having a hard time getting back on! As a health coach I’ve worked with many clients with this exact same dilemma and in today’s video I share some tips and motivation on how to get back on to your healthy diet and lifestyle and what works and what doesn’t.

Also I’m super excited to announce that I’m working on the finishing touches of a new program!! I will be launching the 7 Day Whole Food Challenge in September!! I just finished writing the eBook for the program which includes over 75 recipes!!! If you’ve done the 10 Day Juice Fasting Program and/or the 7 Day Raw Food Challenge with me before, you’ll love the new 7 Day Whole Food Challenge!! So stay tuned, I’ll be launching the new program in the beginning of September (you can bookmark the 7 Day Whole Food Challenge page and check back at the end of August or beginning of September for updates–> https://www.radiancecentral.com/wholefoodchallenge.html

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