Is Morning Sickness Caused By Being Too Toxic? Ep123

There are few ‘myths’ floating around natural health circles that bother me, one being that morning sickness is a result of being too toxic. Over the years I’ve heard people say this and when I was pregnant and had morning sickness throughout my entire pregnancy, I received emails and comments from people telling me I must be very toxic to be having so much morning sickness and for so long! Do I agree with this view, no, not at all, and in today’s video I discuss why and what I believe can be the contributing factors that can cause morning sickness and some of the things one can do to eliminate it or decrease it.

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One thought on “Is Morning Sickness Caused By Being Too Toxic? Ep123

  1. Very interesting, Natasha! From someone who also suffered terribly from “morning” (all day) sickness during the first trimesters and into the second of each pregnancy, I can relate. My midwife actually told me that the sickness is a sign of a healthy pregnancy because the hormone levels are high enough to support it. Unfortunately, those high levels can also irritate the stomach in varying degrees in most women. Here’s a little something from my own experience: I’ve been pregnant nine times. I miscarried three of those. During those pregnancies (before miscarrying), I was either not sick at all or not sick enough. I could just feel that something wasn’t right because I wasn’t feeling miserable enough … and sure enough, those are the pregnancies that didn’t last. So even when I was so sick that I wanted to die, I was also comforted in knowing that my body was producing a very high level of hormones to support the pregnancy and that my baby was doing very well — all cozy and healthy in my womb. Very, very comforting! And the result of those six pregnancies where I was so super sick (to the point where I couldn’t even swallow my own saliva because it would make me throw up – ugh!), I gave birth (all home births) to six extremely healthy babies! My last three were even born to me in my forties! My last one was born just a little over a year ago and I’m 48 now! Crazy sick … but super healthy babies! I see this in your beautiful, healthy Luna Ray as well … who’s coming up on her very first birthday not too long from now! When a mother sees the healthy growth and progression of her baby, it makes all the sickness and sacrifice totally worth it! And I would do it all over again if that’s what it would take for me to have these precious ones with me!

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