Do I Feel Lonely Being A New Mom & Living So Far Away? Ep122

Someone recently left a comment on one of my videos on YouTube if I felt lonely being a stay-at-home-mom and living so far away. I have to say since the person posted the question, it’s something I have been thinking a lot about. Being an expat living in Indonesia and being a new mom has its set of challenges, including the fact that I haven’t been home in 3 years (and have barely left Indonesia in that time either!!). So yes, I have had my bouts of loneliness and even at times homesickness, but on the other end of things the distance has deepened my relationships and appreciation for family and friends back at home, plus given me the big push I need to cultivate new friendships here. Loneliness is not necessarily a bad thing, in fact if I start feeling like loneliness is setting in I use that as a ‘red alert’ that something in my daily life needs some changing and I need to get out more and socialize more. As long as I’m proactive about the loneliness, it only enriches my life even more.

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One thought on “Do I Feel Lonely Being A New Mom & Living So Far Away? Ep122

  1. Oh my gosh, your daughter is soooooo cute! Thank you for sharing on this topic. I am often alone because my husband travels for work, and we just moved to a new city. Your tips are very helpful, and I’m going to try them out this week:)

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