Do You Need To Be Gluten-Free? Ep119

“Do I think wheat gluten is the worst thing ever?” I get asked this a lot! I think white flour is, but not necessarily barley, rye, wheat berries and spelt that contain wheat gluten. There’s a big difference between the two. If someone has celiac sprue (wheat gluten allergy) or a wheat gluten sensitivity, than yes, cut all foods that contain wheat gluten out of your diet, but for the rest of the population I don’t think people need to go to that extreme. In today’s world there are so many fad diets and extreme eating styles that cause more worry and stress than any benefits, and to me, gluten-free is one of them. I also believe people get “flour-free’ or “white flour-free” confused with “gluten-free!” Yes, please cut out all white flour from you diet (or as much as possible), there isn’t any health benefits from eating goods containing white flour, but to cut out barley, rye, and other whole grains, I don’t see the reasoning unless someone has an allergy or sensitivity to it, or is seriously over eating it.

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