My Vitamin B12 Deficiency: Why Not Just Be Vegetarian Instead Of Raw Vegan? Ep116

After yesterday’s video 3 BIGGEST MISTAKES I Made When Transitioning Off Of A Long-Term Raw Vegan Diet, Ep115, I was asked why I didn’t just return to a vegetarian diet to resolve my vitamin B12 deficiency instead of adding meat, fish, seafood and animal products into my diet. This is a great question, especially because I was a vegetarian for most of my life and while on a vegetarian diet I never had an issue with a vitamin B12 deficiency, it was only until I was on a raw vegan diet for a few years did a problem come up. In today’s video I explain why I so drastically changed my diet to reverse the vitamin B12 deficiency, and how where I live, what foods are locally available to me and how my health history had a huge influence in that decision.

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