3 BIGGEST MISTAKES I Made When Transitioning Off Of A Long-Term Raw Vegan Diet, Ep115

Transitioning off of a diet you have been on for a very long time is never easy. I can definitely admit that!! As most everyone knows, it’s only been in recent years that I started eating meats, fish and animal products again. I was a strict vegetarian for 20 years and on a 100% raw vegan diet for almost 4 years following that, but because of a vitamin B12 deficiency I developed while on the raw vegan diet, I decided to incorporate meats, fish, seafood and animal products back into my diet to reverse the deficiency. That dietary change was massive for me, on all levels, and I can be the first one to admit that during the transition I fumbled and made mistakes. In today’s video I share the three biggest mistakes I made during the first 6 months of transitioning off of the raw vegan diet and what I learned from that experience.

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