As A Breastfeeding Mama, What Am I Eating? Ep114


I am always asked what I am eating and what my diet looks like these days. Well, as a breastfeeding mother, I don’t stop eating!! I have more of an appetite than I did when I was pregnant! My lovely daughter Luna Ray is almost 10 months old and in order for me to keep up with her and have high energy, I’ve got to eat, eat, eat, and eat good quality healthy food! In today’s video I go over what my daily diet is like and how things have changed since before I was pregnant.

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One thought on “As A Breastfeeding Mama, What Am I Eating? Ep114

  1. Natasha…It’s been awhile since last juice fast for me. Reading and listening to your video’s here. Natasha, you are the best and most inspiring person I know. Watching you change & grow with your family is fabulouse! That daughter of yours Luna Ray is soooooooo adorable looking.
    Since starting my first class with you, years ago, I have come a long way learning about nutrition and it is a never ending journey with always so much more to learn and absorb. Am very excited to be a part in the new launch of your 7 day juice fast. We will all have such a great fast with you sharing your knowledge with all of us, tips & tricks to keep us all healthy. Your cookie recipe will be made here tomorrow, looks Delish! I never used to eat vegetables since meeting you my favorite veggie recipe is now cauliflower, with about teaspoon of coconut oil and sprinkle cumin, sea salt & pepper & put in my T-Fal pan which stirs it for me till brown and little crispy. Who would have thought I changed to become a veggie person, Thanks Natasha!

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