What In Your Diet Could Be Causing Body Odor? Ep101

Years ago I was on a raw vegan diet and I found quite early on that with that diet I no longer needed deodorant because I no longer ever got b.o. (body odour!!). I also noticed that many people who joined the 10 Day Juice Fasting Programs and 7 Day Raw Food Challenges I host every month would remark that they too no longer had body odour while being on an exclusively raw food diet. I found this to be quite fascinating, especially because before I was on the raw food diet, I was a strict vegetarian for 20 years and had to wear deodorant daily to prevent body odour.

When I transitioned off of the raw vegan diet and started adding animal meats into my diet I will never forget some of the emails I received from people asking me if I started to smell because of adding animal products and meats into my diet. These emails would remind me of the days when I heard other people in the natural health movement say that animal foods give people body odour, but I noticed that this wasn’t the case for me, in fact I continued not needing to wear deodorant until I started adding certain other foods back into my diet… and in today’s video I will go over what those specific foods are that trigger episodes of body odour (and me having to pull out my trusted homemade deodorant!!!).

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One thought on “What In Your Diet Could Be Causing Body Odor? Ep101

  1. Great video, Natasha! Besides diet, I think that personal body chemistry also plays a role. For instance, my husband and I use the same natural deodorant and eat the same healthy diet, but just a short while after my shower, I’m stinkin’ and need to re-apply more deodorant … but my husband smells fresh up until his next shower. Not fair! 😉

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