How I Lost 30 Pounds! Ep97

I am really excited to share my weight loss success story!!! For those that having been following my video blogs from the very beginning, all the way back to my first video blog at Raw Radiant Health, you probably know that I started the video blogs to document my own weight loss journey and also as a means to keep myself on track.

My whole weight loss journey started back in my early 30s when I gained a bunch of weight after I quit smoking. Over the years losing the weight was extremely challenging for me! I have to admit, it’s been a long journey, with many failed attempts, many experiments, and many trials and tribulations. Luckily three years ago something shifted, I changed my action plan, and I started getting results!! Over a period of a year and a half, I lost 30 pounds and even though I got pregnant shortly after reaching my weight loss goal, after I gave birth to our daughter, I’ve been able to get back down to that same weight and easily keep it off! This has definitely been my own personal victory and in today’s video I share exactly what I did.

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4 thoughts on “How I Lost 30 Pounds! Ep97

  1. Thanks for this, as always, inspiring video. Some of your experience mirrors my own and you’ve given me some great insight in how I can continue on my weight loss journey. Do you have any specific tips on determining how much food is enough? I’ve done calorie counting and measuring in the past and it was successful, but I still gained back the weight and ideally I’d like to develop my own sense of when enough is enough. I think it varies, no?

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