What Sweeteners Do I Use Or Recommend? Ep92

Last week I did a video showing how to make Coconut Palm Sugar Syrup and since then I’ve received a few emails requesting I do a video about the different sweeteners I use and recommend. I have to say in general, the less sugar and sweeteners we use, the better, but I know in reality many people crave treats and sweets and therefore¬†if your going to have something sweet, you are much better off eating something of quality as opposed to something that has zero nutritional benefits and is actually completely detrimental to your health.

In today’s video I talk about what I use and recommend as well as what I would completely stay away from.

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3 thoughts on “What Sweeteners Do I Use Or Recommend? Ep92

  1. A word about Xylitol: I bought some once from my local health food store. My daughters used it to make lemonade. After drinking a lot of the lemonade, they complained of stomach upset. After doing some research, I found that if used in large quantities (as what you need for lemonade), it can do exactly what it did to my daughters. I figure if it can do that, that it wasn’t worth using (even in small quantities) when there are so many other sweeteners from which to choose.

    Also, as far as white sugar goes, when we bake, we use evaporated cane juice. Not sure how much better that is, but I figure that it’s less processed than the regular white sugar.

    1. I forgot to say that we use Spry chewing gum and also Spry tooth gel for the younger children. Both contain Xylitol, but that small quantity doesn’t cause any problems … and, of course, it’s great for your teeth!

    2. Thank you Sheri for sharing your input and experience with the Xylitol. I had a feeling it would cause digestive/stomach issues like other non-caloric sweeteners. Good to know!!

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