My Cloth Diapering Routine & What I Recommend For Cloth Diapering In Hot Weather, Ep84


Happy Earth Day!!

I’ve received a few requests to talk about our cloth diaper routine and share any recommendations and advice to those getting ready to welcome their little ones into the world and want to use cloth diapers as well. My daughter Luna Ray has been wearing cloth diapers since the day she was born! I have to say, getting ready and doing the research on cloth diapers and what to buy and how everything works seemed way more overwhelming and confusing than actually using them!! So in celebration of Earth Day, I go through our own daily cloth diaper routine, plus share my personal experience of what works for us and what doesnt, what we’ve bought and regularly use and what we plan to resell and get rid of!! I also give some tips for those that are using cloth diapers in hotter climates. I found that when I was doing research on what to get Luna Ray, especially what to get her for the hot Bali climate, there wasn’t much information on the internet as to what to use in really hot weather that isn’t too bulky or hot, so in this video I’ve included some tips for cloth diapering in the summer or hot weather months which I believe will come handy for those giving birth soon!!

Here is also a list of stores in Canada, USA, and Australia that I’ve personally bought cloth diapers and accessories from:

New & Green Baby Co.
Nature Bumz Co.
Caterpillar Baby
Snuggle Bugz

Green Mountain Diapers
Nicki’s Diapers

Darlings Downunder

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