Want To Move Abroad? Here’s Some Practical Tips! Ep70

A few years ago I did a video about why I moved to Bali! As most people know, I didn’t plan to move to Bali, I was supposed to move to Thailand, but I ended up in Bali! It’s quite a story, and looking back now after living here for 3.5 years and all that has happened in that time (I fell in love, got married and had a baby!), it’s pretty amazing what can happen when you follow your dreams and your heart! Since making that video I have received countless emails from people asking me all sorts of questions about moving abroad and also sharing their beautiful dreams and aspirations as well.

In today’s video I answer some of the questions I’ve received about moving abroad, as well as offer a bunch of tips and suggestions. Since I was a young child I have had many wonderful opportunities to travel all over the world, and as an adult I have been able to live in many countries as well. From my extensive travels over the years, I’ve learned a lot, especially how plan, prepare, navigate and settle down in foreign countries and ensure smooth and easy travel.

To also see the video I did about why I moved to Bali, click here!!

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