How To Get More Iron Into Your Diet & Absorb It Better, Ep68

Trying to increase your iron levels? Here are a few tips and suggestions on how to do so!

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2 thoughts on “How To Get More Iron Into Your Diet & Absorb It Better, Ep68

  1. Hi Natasha,
    I appreciate all the work you do to help people you are awesome! I do have a couple questions… first in regards to vitamin absorption, I have thinning bones and am 33 but I dont want to take calcium supplements because I feel there are health risks with taking those. Is there a way to maximize calcium abcorbtion in ones diet?
    Secondly, I had question about ance and rosacea… I have both cystic acne and rosacea that has progressively gotten worse over the years, I eat a very healthy clean diet ie: lots of vegs,a few fruits, organic chicken and bison, almonds, sweet potatoes, plain greek yogurt, organic gluten free oatmeal, and some brown rice… but I still have very bad rosacea and cystic acne breakouts? Might you have any advice on what else I could try to help? I do not believe in taking antibiotics, using acutane, or taking the pill.
    Thank you for your time Natasha! I hope to hear back from you or see a video blog maybe addressing one or both these issues… take care and keep spreading your fabulousness! 🙂

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