Are All Dried Fruits Healthy? Ep63

Not everything sold at the health food store or the health food section of a grocery store is healthy! I see dried fruits preserved with sulfites labelled as a ‘health food’ and it’s not!! In today’s video I show the difference between pure, natural dried fruit and dried fruit that have been preserved with sulfites and possibly have added sweeteners, and I give some tips as to what to watch out for the next time you go shopping for dried fruit!

Are All Dried Fruits Healthy? Ep63 - Are All Dried Fruits Healthy? Ep63 - Are All Dried Fruits Healthy? Ep63 -

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3 thoughts on “Are All Dried Fruits Healthy? Ep63

  1. I think this blog post is a complete sham. You should educate yourself before you post things that people will spread around the internet like they are eating cancer. Sulfites are not toxic. They really do nothing. They can cause potential allergic reactions in some people, people that probably already have regular allergies to things but so can many things.

    I come from a family with a very wide spread knowledge of food science, including college educations to back it up and probably 40+ years of experience in the industry as well as research and development into food products and vast knowledge of the FDA. These types of blogs piss me off because you’ve posted no scientific research or fact on this blog. You’ve cited no references. You just spout off an opinion and people spread it around like it’s fact.

    Don’t make up nonsense to sell your ideas on healthy eating. That’s fraud.

    1. After reading this:, I can see why Natasha made this video. But overall, I think you’re missing the point. Obviously, there’s another choice when selecting dried fruit, and if a person can make a better choice, then why not? Aside from what I read on the above-mentioned website, I don’t know much else about sulfites. But if I’m comparing two dried fruits side-by-side and one has sulfites and the other is just pure dried fruit, I will always select the more natural choice. I do that with everything. To me, it just makes sense.

    2. *Warning, long reply but with references so it’s okay.*
      I’m not sure what about this video is a sham? Natasha never stated sulfites are toxic but did express that some people have sensitivities and others simply don’t want extra additives in their food. I’m part of the latter group so that statement is true, even if no one else on earth cares, I do.

      While I don’t have an inherited knowledge of sulfites a quick search revealed this article from the U of FL, Sulfites: Separating Fact from Fiction ( which raised several red flags for me. While it states (as Natasha did) that sulfites occur naturally it also references that sensitivity to sulfites can develop at any time during a person’s lifespan. According to allergy researchers in this CNN article “Scientists know that environmental exposures play a role in allergic disease; you can’t be sensitized to something you’ve never been exposed to.” This in itself motivates me to avoid them because the sensitivity does not sound fun according to the U of FL article: The manifestations of sulfite sensitivity include a large array of dermatological, pulmonary, gastrointestinal, and cardiovascular symptoms. Asthmatics that are steroid-dependent or have a great degree of airway hyperreactivity may be at an increased risk of having a reaction to a sulfite containing food (Lester, 1995). Varying degrees of bronchospasm, angiodema, urticaria, nausea, abdominal cramping, and diarrhea are commonly reported (Knodel, 1997).

      In addition the article clearly states the use is not allowed without regulation. “The FDA regulates the use of sulfites in drugs and food, while the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) regulates the use of sulfites in meat and poultry. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) regulates the use of sulfites in alcoholic beverages and the use of sulfur dioxide as a fungicide on grapes comes under the authority of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).” While sulfites may “do nothing” after 5 years of lobbying in 1985 the FDA did a partial ban the use of sulfites on fresh fruits and most vegetables after THIRTEEN DEATHS and many scientists at the time said the action wasn’t enough. Read more here:

      The fact that the FDA is regulating it makes me uneasy and in general would agree they probably aren’t being regulated enough since the “vast knowledge of the FDA” is definitely not my go-to for determining if something is safe or not. After all, they approved those prescription drugs that are later recalled but I’ll save their lack of due diligence on multiple topics along with references for a response to another irritating and unresearched blog reply libelously claiming fraud when no such action occurred.

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