Will Eating Healthy Cure My Health Condition Or Illness? Ep60

I get a lot of emails from people describing their health conditions and illnesses and asking me if they change their diet, will it cure the health condition? As much as I would love to give an answer, I can’t! Sometimes changing one’s diet can cure an illness or disease, sometimes alone it can’t! One thing I do know is if you start eating healthy you will make your body stronger and support it’s healing process. Whether you need to incorporate another healing modality (perhaps holistic medicine or conventional allopathic medicine, or both), is an individual thing, and it really depends on the health condition and the person’s health and body. No matter what, you will benefit from eating healthy and it’s worth every effort!

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One thought on “Will Eating Healthy Cure My Health Condition Or Illness? Ep60

  1. Hi Natasha, I was wondering if you had any tips on how a person who already eats pretty healthfully could naturally lower their bad cholesterol w/out the use of Statin drugs?

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